Despite the exciting title of this post, the info is pretty pedestrian. Bashiok made a couple of forum replies today, addressing misconceptions amongst the bnet forumers.

    In the first he follows up his post from last week, about D3 beta keys and the Blizzcon goodie bag.

    I think the wording in my original post got some people thinking I was hinting that any included beta key would undoubtedly be used for a Diablo III beta.

    That was not my intent, and as I said any beta key we give out on those cards could be used for any purpose deemed necessary. If the Wrath of the Lich King beta is still going after BlizzCon and we want more testers, then it could be used for that if we wanted.

    My original post was only meant to say that regardless of what a beta key is used for, you should still attend as you won’t be disappointed. Link.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok replies to a guy who actually tries the “my friend works at EB and he says D3 will be out in 3 months.”

    There has been no release date announced, shared, hinted at, or otherwise imagined. Retailers may have dates in their computers which someone at their company made up, none of them have anything to them other than best-guess work. This is how video game pre-orders work.

    …there’s no standard announcement-to-release formula.Link.

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