Bashiok on Quickly Beating Inferno

How long will it take to beat Inferno? Nobody really knows, though previous Blizzard comments about it taking weeks (or months) have spurred a big prediction thread in our forums. (Most guesses are in the 5-12 day range.)

Perhaps repenting of his previous “you’ll wipe for weeks on Act One bosses” (here and here) Bashiok added a post tonight which addresses some of the concerns that Inferno will be beaten quickly. In it he points out that it may be done faster than Blizzard expects, especially if players use cheeses to get there faster.

Can I totally go back on what I said before?

Ok, not totally, but I think there’s some distinction to be made for ‘legitimate’ ability to beat Inferno, in that, we expect there could be ways, potentially exploits, potentially clever but cheesy mechanics, that could maybe allow a player to complete Inferno fairly quickly. The bet stands as-is, but I think if it could be revised it would be “X time before it becomes farmable”, meaning someone can legitimately kill the end boss over and over and over without needing to take advantage of an exploit, or loophole, or some other thing we don’t intend to be possible.

Of course we’ll try to address any such issue as quickly as possible, but it’s feasible that the first Inferno clear will be through use of unintended means. Technically still valid per the wording of the bet, but I think most can agree would go against the spirit of it.

No doubt some nutter will be racing to be the world’s first, it always happens, happened with WoW leveling and raids so I don’t expect it to be any different in Diablo 3. How long it will take them though is anyone’s guess, but feel free to add your prediction to our forum thread. Are you going to be one of the players racing through to the end-game?

Thanks Edward for the tip.

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    40 thoughts on “Bashiok on Quickly Beating Inferno

      • I will be in NM by wednesday, no later.  Depending on how items drop, skills play out, and resistances (something i never hear the WoW crowd discuss but was a definite barrier in D2), I plan to be in Hell by thursday/fri.  I hope to be definitely dabbling in Inferno by the weekend.  Now I won’t make a ridiculous claim that I will beat it.  In fact I would say I won’t be even close to the first 10,000 to do it.  i think it will be very gear heavy and 1 or 2 shot kills will be common with mobs.

        Other factors- sleep, interest (yes folks, the game simply might be “meh” by the time you get halfway through NM), and AH/economics (if the economy seems favorable I will have no problem twinking my way to the finish line with gold/greenbacks).

        I still need a party.  Looking for Diablo old schoolers.

        • Dude.. I am right there with you. I want to try to get to Inferno by the weekend. If you are going to be on US  East (if they have that server..) Look me up. BattleTag is Varchar.  :mrgreen:

    1. Its very enjoyable to do this if you’re in the right company. This is what many people don’t get with games, you can beta test the crap outta this game with a bunch of people all playing it by themselves getting the enjoyment as was intended. However, get a group of people playing together in the same room and they make challenges up together just for the fun of it. Take that same group and add a like-minded mentality and they’ll destroy everything in their path hands down, especially if they’re experienced at playing these sorts of games.

      • But wouldn’t Blizzard has exactly this kind of people together in their office as internal tester/QA?

        • There are probably some very good players in Blizzard’s Q&A, but they probably number in the tens or twenties, or even a hundred.

          Millions of gamers are going to be playing D3, and statistics would predict that since that’s the larger pool of players, it’s more likely that the best players are coming from the public pool rather than Blizzard.

    2. I just won’t feel man enough if I don’t beat at least all the rare mobs on inferno, so 1 month I guess?

      Ooooh wait, with the job and the wife and the baby… we’ll talk in ’13. 😀  

    3. Except that leveling to 60 is meaningless, the person will not be praised, he will not be remembered. There will not be any “feat of strenght” for first 60. So if you rush to level 60, please be advised that no one cares, and no one will notice if you got to 60 first cause Diablo chars are easy to take to 60, and they are easy to be flooded over Auction House.

    4. ??? what is bash talking about? things like avoiding mobs or using only durability items until u reach the boss and then kite him with four ice wiz’s? thats not cheesy in my definition

        • k. but i really wouldnt know how there can be such abusive scenarios with millions of playtroughs by game testers
          + its not about cheesing 1 or 2 bosses but about ALL bosses

      • He talking about bug/exploits that bypass the difficulty problems, like ^ Ehhwut says.
        Standing in a spot where you cant be hurt or take less damage. There has been games where if you stand on higher ground on stairs mobs cant hurt you due to there projectles hitting the stairs but you can still hit the mob.
        Other stuff like a glitches/bug where you might be able to use a cd skill without the cd triggering etc.

    5. From my experience in the years of World of Warcraft , I would say some players will crack inferno very fast.
      Players will do CRAZY things for world first , see how all the hardcore raiding guilds function when new content is presented to them , they start to raid everyday for atleast 15-16 hours with few hours of sleep and they keep at it until all the content is cleared and that usually takes 2-3 weeks max and that’s not because it wouldn’t be done in less time than that , it’s because they have to clear NORMAL raid and that means they will have to waste 1 week on that even if they do it in 1 day and then they can start working on Hardcore bosses , so with nothing to limit the most hardcore players from keeping at inferno I would say it will be cleared in 1-2 weeks max.
      Only thing that might delay Inferno from being cleared properly without using any exploits bugs and cheap tactics , which is usually not considered as world first,  is how much of a difference in items is between inferno ,Hell and Nightmare and what type of gear you would need to start clearing it properly , if Inferno can be cleared with any gear from Hell and Nightmare and the only thing that is needed is skills then players will be done in 1 week.
      Don’t underestimate the will power of the most hardcore players :).

      • In my opinion the world first inferno clear is only relevant for Hardcore. Softcore only takes a lot of time and tries to do it. Hardcore takes skill from the very start.

        • Skill ?, you are wrong – skill doesnt matter when you are dead becouse of d/c,power outage,hardware failure,your dog pissing on you pc…etc choose your pick. It’s more or less in that way -> 90% for rng gods, 5% for your character gear and last 5% for your personal skill.

            • Hardcore doesnt really take skill, You can outlevel most of the hardcore stuff if you level slow and go back thru content, inferno may not, but still if you take your time and don’t rush, hardcore is not that “hard”.  I leveled a few characters to 95+ in D2 hardcore, and I don’t play hardcore anymore because i have lost characters to DC’s/lag/etc/etc.  Just adds an edge to your experience, nothing more.  Now, if someone beats inferno on hardcore within 24 hours of someone beating normal on inferno, I would tend to agree with thier skill level lol.

    6. It will take a good month or so before the first batch of players hit Hell mode, as for beating Inferno Act 3/4 impossible until players start farming/crafting powerful gears in Hell/Inferno Act 1/2 and a huge amount of gold for the constant durability loss and deaths.

      • “It will take a good month or so before the first batch of players hit Hell mode”

        I laughed.
        I don’t understand why I keep seeing this pop up, do you think people only play an hour or day something?

        does “potentially exploits, potentially clever but cheesy mechanics, that could maybe allow a player to complete Inferno fairly quickly.”  mean actually using our skills? maybe I’m still in too much of a d2 mindset but I don’t see how they will prevent us from steadily working through content with an organized team using powerful team and cooldown abilities given that they seem to expect the game to also be reasonably soloable.

        • Your opinions on based on D2 which has spammable teleport and tons of glitches, whereas I based mine on D3 beta and what I’ve seen that’s been datamined, especially the monster affixes.

          • my opinions are based on D2 untwinked gameplay with glitches (le/fe bug, poison viper bug, black soul bug, bone dolls) that insta-killed the player.

        • I think dedicated players should be able to clear hell and reach lvl 60 with little trouble. It is the Inferno mode where the brickwall lies, that’s what Bashiok said to be the challenge too…

      • Are you nuts? =]
        I’d say that some guys will hit Hell well within the first 24h-48h of play! Now clearing Hell and then Inferno is up in the air until we know just how much gear impacts this as we know nothing of the gold/craft recipes pages drops in later difficulties to estimate how much time it would take someone just to be able to craft reasonable gear to be able to clear Hell.

        • Why are you assuming levelling curve is going to be like in D2? Why not WoW classic?

      • 1 month to get into hell ? Hahahaha, thats your best fanboy trollpost so far.


        Seriously man, wtf are you smoking ? 

    7. Going to play in the evenings with my fiancee, taking our time. Could not be less concerned about doing something “first.”

    8. Yeah, like in D2 where you fight mephisto in the D Hate level 3 where you have him trapped in the top right corner and you can slowly kill him if you are not strong enough to just obliterate him.  Like this …. this is exactly what Bashiok means. This kind of cheese…. 

    9. Being that my wife and I will be playing DIII together, I don’t expect to beat Inferno any time soon. That’s not to slight my wife, but she’s not a nerd like me. She does enjoy “the hunt”, as it were, with Diablo games. Loot is, apparently, a girl’s best friend.

    10. Yet another example of how the very people making diablo3 have almost no grasp on how a game like d2 or d3 works.  So often they have been WAY OFF on topics it was their job to have known before hand.

      • How does his post convey that the D3 team doesn’t understand how D2/D3 works?…  Saying “It’s possible that there will be some exploits in the game that we miss prior to release and people may use them to complete Inferno quickly” is not the same as saying “We have no idea how hard the game will be in Inferno so it will probably take months for anyone to beat it but maybe it won’t. What game are we talking about again?”

    11. I’ll be going as fast as the wife can go. I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t wait for her.

    12. I’m going as slow as a turtle. I want to actually enjoy the experience. Rushing is for the weak! 🙂

    13. I haven’t seen any content passed that of which is available in the beta. I’m not entirely sure if that content was made available thru data mining or other similar means, but I think without doing so it’d be rather difficult for us to assign any sort of timeline to these events.

      Without knowing truly how long each act is going to be, how can we be sure as to how long it’s going to take someone to complete the game?  I’ll go off of the assumption that people have been able to see and complete the remaining acts.

      Regardless, I’m going to do my best to enjoy the content this time around. Slow and steady. I did take off of work the Tuesday of release, however. 🙂

    14. In Wow when Muru’s gate opened in Sunwell. We raided 12 Hours a night, usually about 4 or 5pm to 4 or 5 am. We got world 2nd on Thursday night at like 3AM eastern and if I recall the euro guild killed it literally 20 minutes before us, and nobody else killed it till i think premo did it about 1 hour before Tuesday reset. 
      At the time Muru was the biggest cockblocker ever made in wow, worse than the Four Horseman, and I would argue that he was the biggest cockblocker ever made in Wow. Even as hard and nearly impossible as they made him, there were still 3 guilds that killed him in the first week, and i think a total of 5 or 6 after two weeks and after a month it was like 15 guilds.  And we used a really crazy raid makeup because of his spell push back (that got removed after the first week) to kill him.
      The reason I am bringing this up, is this is how dedicated people can be to world/US/Euro firsts, there will be that guy who stays up from the server opening to grind thru inferno. These people tho, are not the norm, which is why Wow has gone the way of the “casual” as people put it. The majority of the player base is NOT hardcore play 18 hours a day.  I mean Blizzard said that only like 10% of the playerbase actually saw the 4 Horseman in Naxx at 60 and even less than that actually killed them.  It would not surprise me if after 2-3 months less than 50% of the playerbase has inferno on farm if they actually made it overbearing on your gear lvl because that is basically the only way to make games hard for players who are above average. 

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