How long will it take to beat Inferno? Nobody really knows, though previous Blizzard comments about it taking weeks (or months) have spurred a big prediction thread in our forums. (Most guesses are in the 5-12 day range.)

    Perhaps repenting of his previous “you’ll wipe for weeks on Act One bosses” (here and here) Bashiok added a post tonight which addresses some of the concerns that Inferno will be beaten quickly. In it he points out that it may be done faster than Blizzard expects, especially if players use cheeses to get there faster.

    Can I totally go back on what I said before?

    Ok, not totally, but I think there’s some distinction to be made for ‘legitimate’ ability to beat Inferno, in that, we expect there could be ways, potentially exploits, potentially clever but cheesy mechanics, that could maybe allow a player to complete Inferno fairly quickly. The bet stands as-is, but I think if it could be revised it would be “X time before it becomes farmable”, meaning someone can legitimately kill the end boss over and over and over without needing to take advantage of an exploit, or loophole, or some other thing we don’t intend to be possible.

    Of course we’ll try to address any such issue as quickly as possible, but it’s feasible that the first Inferno clear will be through use of unintended means. Technically still valid per the wording of the bet, but I think most can agree would go against the spirit of it.

    No doubt some nutter will be racing to be the world’s first, it always happens, happened with WoW leveling and raids so I don’t expect it to be any different in Diablo 3. How long it will take them though is anyone’s guess, but feel free to add your prediction to our forum thread. Are you going to be one of the players racing through to the end-game?

    Thanks Edward for the tip.

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