Blizzard tweeted yesterday about some recent Act 3 play testing:

    We have weekly playtests to focus feedback on areas and features. Last week was an Act III dungeon.

    This got a fan excited enough to mention it in the B.net forum, to which Bashiok gave this reply:

    The game isn’t being developed in a linear fashion so us saying we’re working on things in Act III doesn’t really mean anything in regards to how much of the game is finished.

    Since we’re constantly evolving the tools and processes for creating the various assets for the game (and just plain getting better at it), it’s best to have as wide a perspective as possible. Otherwise we’d probably paint ourselves into a corner. All of the work being produced at the end of the game would look far and above better than the stuff that was produced at the beginning, and so we’d probably have to go back and redo a lot of that work.

    Elsewhere, a fan gets all Lore-intensive about the Diablo timeline, which prompts Bashiok to offer a ret-con-tastic apology.

    1) Diablo 3 webpage. Entry #17
    ” Originally built as a DiabloWikiHoradric monastery sometime around 912 (see my entries pertaining to ancient mystical traditions for more information on the secretive Horadric order), the building was later converted to a DiabloWikiZakarum cathedral. “

    2) In Diablo timeline.
    “Year 1019 “Diablo is finally captured by a group of Horadrim monks led by DiabloWikiJered Cain. The monks bury DiabloWikiDiablo‘s DiabloWikiSoulstone near the river Talsande in DiabloWikiKhanduras, and a Horadric monastery with a network of catacombs is built over the burial spot.”

    …the dates don’t match. Its impossible that the Horadric monastery was built around 912 when the order was created in 1004.

    Bashiok: We’ve known about some of the inconsistencies for a while, and there’s an ongoing project to convert a lot of our internal documents to a standardized dating system to help correct them. Hopefully to be completed soon.

    Meanwhile, the timeline on the website is infallibly canon. Everything else falls to it for correct dates.

    Or we could just say that DiabloWikiAbd al-Hazir‘s journal entry about DiabloWikiTristram has the wrong date—in the game fiction AaH is just a man compiling information; he can make mistakes or be mislead by incorrect source materials. Right up until he’s torn apart and devoured by invisible beasts in broad daylight.

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