A fan voiced some reasonable objections to the Wizard’s Acid Cloud spell (seen only briefly in last year’s Blizzcon gameplay movie, with stats noted at Blizzcon as well), and Bashiok seems to agree, by suggesting that it’s no longer a Wizard spell at all. Witch Doctor, switch doctor?

    I don’t see what a Wizard could possibly use acid poison for when she can make Hydras, Meteor Showers, Slow Time, toss Arcane Orbs at things… then all of a sudden… You dump a load of conjured acid onto the ground dealing feet damage. … *sadface*

    But since it’s “conjured acid” it can be a Wizard spell.. *eye roll*

    And, to be even pickier about the spell, it’s not a cloud… it’s a pool of green sludge that comes out of no where from what i see…
    Anyways. I don’t like it and I’ve said why.

    Bashiok: Seems like it could be a good fit for the Witch Doctor though…

    Elsewhere, a fan points out one of the flying character corpses in the WWI gameplay movie, and Bashiok chimes in.

    Haha, one of the many happy coincidences afforded by physics. The siege breaker’s claw attack happened to hit the female witch doctors corpse, which sent it flying.

    Another of my favorites is from the interior part, when the barbarian leaps across the chasm created by the falling rocks, he smacks some zombies and the last one flies a few feet and lands upside down straddling the side railing in a very awkward pose.

    Physics adds a lot of “OH CRAP! That was awesome!” moments.

    I always thought it would be fun to defile other player’s corpses in Diablo II, but the Bliz North guys said it couldn’t be allowed because of the item storing aspect of corpses. Hard to click on your corpse when it’s just a puddle of Corpse Explosion’ed ooze. However, since corpses aren’t used as item vaults in D3, player bodies are (as far as we know) just another thing lying on the ground, subject to the same physics issues as monster corpses, broken tables, and so forth.

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