Bashiok posted today to remind us all that Blizzrd is still running 3 twitter feeds, one for each of their (announced) game worlds, and in his post he made mention of some of the recent @Diablo tidbits.

    Thought I’d remind everyone that we have an official Diablo twitter feed, we’ve already run some cool contests, we have daily questions and interactions, and we’re also making mini-updates that talk about current work as it progresses on the game. The best way to get involved in everything we’re doing is to sign up and ‘follow’ the Diablo feed.

    Some updates this week from http://www.twitter.com/diablo you may have missed:

    • “Female monk concepts are complete, work continues on her different armor set looks.”
    • “New ?bloated corpse? clickable object almost complete. Decomposing with treasury-goodness.”
    • “Dual-wield attack animations for the male monk are in progress. Check out some fist weapon concepts.”
    • “Wizard resource system first pass concepted by Mike Nicholson, and it?s looking… volatile.”

    Sign up for a twitter account and then just visit the Diablo feed and choose to follow it and you’ll get updates the second they go out. Most cell phones have programs/apps you can get for twitter so you can follow the latest Diablo updates even while you wait for your turn to yell at your local town hall meeting.

    We of course also have Warcraft and Starcraft feeds, but aside from Blizzard there are also a lot of different people and companies to follow. Personally I also like following my favorite comedians, some of them are really active and I get to to read a ton of funny throughout the day.[/blue]

    After the mandatory interlude so a Twitter hater could poop all over the whole concept, and compare it to other fads such as skinny jeans, Bashiok came back with a defense of the service.

    I wasn’t too hot on it either. I mean all I heard about it in my daily life was from over-enunciating news casters that half giggle every time they pause before saying twitter, tweet, etc. because… IT’S SO WHIMSICAL! Or just general over saturation.

    And if you hear enough about celebrities or athletes you despise using twitter to update their fans on what conditioner they use or the size of their bowel movements, yeah, it sort of makes you hate even the concept of it.

    But … the community team here came up with a big overarching twitter project because just about every major game developer was already on board, and once I got into it I have to say there’s a lot of pretty cool stuff to see. You only have to see what is being said by people or companies that you want to see. Sometimes the companies you can follow hold daily contests or giveaways or give limited time coupon codes – and free stuff/savings is cool. In our case you may also get some exclusive info on the development of our games.

    There’s that hurdle of not worrying what other people are doing and just using a product/service because it’s something you want. And it’s an opt-in experience! Just jump on and ONLY follow Diablo if that’s all you want to do.

    I will admit though, I wear kind of tight fitting jeans.

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