DiabloWikiBashiok has made a few more replies this afternoon, and here are the game-relevant ones.

    A guy posted a lot of ideas about how health potions and DiabloWikihealth globes might interact, and that prompted Bashiok to share some interesting stuff.

    Yeah the idea of picking up health globes while at already full health and having them still provide some type of benefit has been an idea bouncing around these halls for quite a while. If I were a bettin’ man, and I’m not because I’m horrible at it, I’d reckon that there might be something we do with that.

    I play a decent amount of TF2 so I’m sort of partial to the medic-style overheal that then slowly ticks down over time. It could work. It may also be completely unnecessary.

    Anyway, the barbarian has to concern himself with health quite a bit more than the witch doctor or wizard being melee and he has skills in his tree that both increase the chance of health globe drops and their ‘benefit’. So, right there you can see there are ways to increase orb drops, and that’s outside of other leeching type skills, regen skills, etc.

    Again, we’re not trying to create an aggravating experience. If it’s a common issue that you have to run around nearly dead hoping and praying for an orb drop, then we probably messed up somewhere. Or maybe you’re terribad at the game. We’ll have to wait and see.

    After throwing some jokes in on one of those eye-glazing, “I don’t like/won’t play the Wiz/Barb/WD for some obscure reason relevant only to myself.” threads, Bashiok gives a semi-serious defense of the fun factor of the Wizard.

    In all seriousness – it’s fun. I generally don’t like casters, I prefer melee, but … it’s just too fun. DiabloWikiMeteor Storm feels like … haha… it feels like firing a machine gun. It’s so fun to fire off I will literally sit there and shoot at nothing just to watch it. And I do this for way too long. DiabloWikiElectrocute is a close second. But man… meteor storm. And they just made the effects cooler like last week! Which should have been impossible. Ugh. I love this game.

    I was surprised by this question, and I bet Bashiok was too, but since someone asked it, you can bet lots of other people thought it. Does the continuing work on D2 patches delay the progress of D3?

    We have teams for developing and releasing patches for our ‘legacy’ games, and those teams aren’t working on Diablo III.

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