Bashiok Loses the Beard


Interest in the Diableards has slowly but surely waned over the months and it looks like Bashiok got fed up with his own one. A Twitter update from Bashiok shows a more clean shaven CM, although the moustache has stayed. Before you get all excited thinking “OMG it must be a sign of release!”, Bashiok writes.

Sign of release? No. Sign I was tired of having a beard —through to read those

Only Bashiok knows the significance of the hair removal. Read into it what you will 🙂  I think the tash is in dire need of a trim too. Straggly.

The (partial) shave came at the end of a long and painful internal debate, as documented in a series of Blue forum posts. Click through to read those.

Just wondering if we still have bearded nephilim out there still? If so, post a link to the pic, or just talk about it! Lost mine while working for gold in the realm of Earth, sadly.
Me. I want to shave this damn thing off. I came close over the break to ridding myself of it. I had clippers in-hand.

I need some moral support to help carry me through… its continued existence on my face until release is getting dicey.

You should leave clippings on the developers’ desks – just to guilt them into getting the game done sooner.
Many of them have much longer beards than I. They began a year ago. It’d look like some kind of freeway overpass shanty-town in the dev area if it weren’t for all the cintiq’s and overly priced street artist vinyl figurines strewn about.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought the “contest” was (conveniently) cancelled in the last few months once all the delays got announced…???
Well it’s a challenge, there were never any prizes involved. When we ‘delayed’ to early 2012 Mike offered everyone growing a Diableard a reprieve, guilt-free ability to shave it off.

Many of us said NO!

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30 thoughts on “Bashiok Loses the Beard

    • How is growing a beard be a challenge?
      It can only be challenging if you’re asian…
      Besides such a mustache seems way more annoying to the mouth then a beard ever could be. Trim that damn mustache!!!

  1. What’s really concerning is the poster in the background.  Stop dreaming and finish my game 😆

  2. Maybe it means that Blizzard has indeed decided to push the release back farther, in that meeting they had. I mean, if he knew the game was coming out soon, why would he have shaved it off after waiting so long in the first place?  😯

  3. OK, they must all have beards, not mustaches, and they need to get rid of them, not grow them, but for some reason that special scene from Super Troopers pops in my head… Maybe I just wanna say this: “Good job gentlemen. Now shave your g**damn Diableards!”

  4. Bashiok, the day after the meeting where the release date was set, shaves his beard off.

    The release date must be a while away since he didn’t want to wait.

  5. Keep in mind that he was already talking about being tired of it last week, so this doesn’t really mean much…

  6. It seems like every day something else happens that the community could construe as being a predictor or a release date or at least its announcement and Blizzard is out to try to do damage control.  My theory is that Blizzard thinks that more people will talk about the game without a release date than they will if it has one.  The talk might not be all good (or even mostly good considering how long its been delayed), but any hype is good hype I suppose.  I can’t see how Bashiok shaving his beard is release related unless the game is being released the day he shaves it.  After all, that’s the contest isn’t it – grow it til the game comes out?? The whole contest wasn’t thought out very well.  Nobody who gave it a shot really knew what they were getting themselves into in hindsight.  The shave by Bashiok is a pretty condemning statement on the contest itself.

    • Well, the contest was probably not so daunting when they first started it because, at that point, the release was still supposed to be late 2011…

  7. Folks, these two guys – Bashiok and Zarhym – probably know “Jack” what has been hammered out during this conference. The two may enjoy nigh fool-freedom in their department, but they simply don’t have the authority to know each and everything. And if they know, they have to shut up considering the circumstances. This is Corporate America, don’t forget that.

  8. This is stupid. Some guy loses the beard because he got an itch and boom! the game gets released.
    What’s next, if Bobby K buys a new car we’ll pay to play?

    C’mon guys, this is childish. Just wait for the release date to be announced, they obviously don’t give a shit about us waiting for it.

  9. Hey guys I’ve got inside info that D3 is coming out at the end of this beard…

    Stupid joke I know. Maybe I can repent by suggesting that someone with better photoshop skills than I would make a Hipster Bash.

    Captcha: make haste
    sign of release?

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