Interest in the Diableards has slowly but surely waned over the months and it looks like Bashiok got fed up with his own one. A Twitter update from Bashiok shows a more clean shaven CM, although the moustache has stayed. Before you get all excited thinking “OMG it must be a sign of release!”, Bashiok writes.

    Sign of release? No. Sign I was tired of having a beard —through to read those

    Only Bashiok knows the significance of the hair removal. Read into it what you will 🙂  I think the tash is in dire need of a trim too. Straggly.

    The (partial) shave came at the end of a long and painful internal debate, as documented in a series of Blue forum posts. Click through to read those.

    Just wondering if we still have bearded nephilim out there still? If so, post a link to the pic, or just talk about it! Lost mine while working for gold in the realm of Earth, sadly.
    Me. I want to shave this damn thing off. I came close over the break to ridding myself of it. I had clippers in-hand.

    I need some moral support to help carry me through… its continued existence on my face until release is getting dicey.

    You should leave clippings on the developers’ desks – just to guilt them into getting the game done sooner.
    Many of them have much longer beards than I. They began a year ago. It’d look like some kind of freeway overpass shanty-town in the dev area if it weren’t for all the cintiq’s and overly priced street artist vinyl figurines strewn about.

    Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought the “contest” was (conveniently) cancelled in the last few months once all the delays got announced…???
    Well it’s a challenge, there were never any prizes involved. When we ‘delayed’ to early 2012 Mike offered everyone growing a Diableard a reprieve, guilt-free ability to shave it off.

    Many of us said NO!

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