Bashiok – Jay’s Game System Updates Already in the Game

OK, so the news is out now and I’m sure you are all digesting things slowly. Obviously since the info update, many of you are thinking “oh noes! More delays!”. Bashiok wants to make sure that everyone knows that the changes you are reading about today are already implemented in the game. However, it does look like there is still work to be done as Bashiok points out and I’m sure we will get another systems update from Jay at some point, he certainly hinted at that in today’s post.

Keep in mind everything detailed in the article today is already in the game, and most of it is complete. Once you get Patch 10 and see that, I think it may sink in that these aren’t theoretical changes we’re still working on, they’re changes we’ve completed. Obviously the potion button still needs a little work to hook it up correctly, and the character attribute changes need to be balanced and tested for itemization throughout the game, but overall these are changes we’ve already made.

I do not intend to impress that we’re close to release, or infer any such “we’re done” kind of statement, but most of these are fairly straightforward changes that are already complete and implemented. We do have more changes, skills and runes, affixes to add, more items, features, testing, testing, and more testing etc. to do so we’re obviously still not there yet, but none of the changes detailed today are theoretical or yet to be implemented.

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19 thoughts on “Bashiok – Jay’s Game System Updates Already in the Game

  1. Pretty much what I guessed. Easy to read Jay’s post and interpret it as, “This is what we’re going to do…” So maybe not Q1 but considering this, not as late as Christmas 2012 either?

  2. Yup, people need to realize Blizzard doesn’t post updates that aren’t already mostly fleshed out.

    Remember when Blizz took down stats on legendaries on their site?

    I think that is around the time they started working on this.

  3. @TheDestructor I’m normally a fanboy who has sided with the early 2011, Q4 2011 and Q1 2012 release date crowd – ask anyone on here.
    I am now officially in the Q4 2012 camp.

    • Q4 is IMHO pushing it too far, but what do I know. I would say Q3, but I was in the same crowd as you previously. I guess I’ll have to remember that this isn’t the same Blizzard that worked on D2.

    • @RyTEK
      Welcome to the world of realistic expectations… don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think.

    • Yes, this is entirely possible. With so much time spent “polishing” already, those cats are no doubt master turd polishers.

  4. “changes already in the game” doesn’t mean shit. they’ll just find something else to wipe and restart from scratch. I laughed when I read the “release date” wiki page, how the time period between announcement and release increases steadily once the new dumbass Blizzard team took over everything.

    for Diablo 3 specifically, we’re past the 3.5 year mark. it’s gonna be 4+ years, mark my words

    • fire the whole damn lot of them and bring back Blizzard North. Wilson would be the first to face my firing squad, idiot Bashiok would be right there with him. I’m sick of his ugly face and his bullshit

      • On the Blizzard North idea – yes and no.  Yes to Max Schaefer, a resounding NO, NO, NO to Bill Roper.  Bill Roper put out a rushed and doomed to fail Hellgate London, a horribly flawed Champions Online which shut down before launch, a mediocre but viable Star Trek Online, and a stalled out in-limbo Neverwinter Online.  I’m convinced the Schaefer brothers and Brevik were the keys to Diablo I, II, and xPac.
        Roper is obviously an idiot or possibly Diablo incarnate because the dude is the Lord of Terror for new IPs.  Look for Jay to hire him on when they are close to launch and need to push the game back further.

        • Wow that’s harsch. I think you need to get out a bit and see nature or something. I wouldn’t call Bill Roper a idiot after what I’ve read about him in articles. He seems like an awesome guy with just a little bit big dreams. I’m not sure but I seem to remember him having a lot of trouble with his marriage at the same time as crunch of Hellgate. And afterwards they had a divorce. No one can be asked to just ignore that.

          But again, I think you need to get some air. 🙄

        • The Jury is still out on the Schaefers as far as I am concerned.  They were both part of that “doomed to fall” Hellgate London. Then they released a mediocre (at best) Torchlight.  Now they dealing with their own delayed more then once follow up.  Also if you look back D2 was delayed more then a year.  They are not the golden boys some believe them to be.

        • lol know what I’m tempted to do? my partner is always telling me to speak my mind about stuff like this, but on youtube. if I were to do this, I’d use screenshots of some quotes from here, maybe with a creepy Resident Evil-like voice-over, putting emphasis on how annoyed each one of you is (as well as myself) and post the damn thing all over the place, to make Blizzard take notice and see what they say.

  5. This is unbelievable. I don’t think there is any chance of D3 being released this year. And i agree with the fire Jay Wilson comment

  6. Where will it end? If these are the latest changes, then I can still see a Q2 or Q3 release. But if they are in the mindset that they need to change every detail until it’s perfect (in their eyes) then this game won’t release this year.
    It’s nice that Bashiok says that it’s all already in the game. But Jay said multiple times, in different wording, that they still have a lot of work to do.

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