OK, so the news is out now and I’m sure you are all digesting things slowly. Obviously since the info update, many of you are thinking “oh noes! More delays!”. Bashiok wants to make sure that everyone knows that the changes you are reading about today are already implemented in the game. However, it does look like there is still work to be done as Bashiok points out and I’m sure we will get another systems update from Jay at some point, he certainly hinted at that in today’s post.

    Keep in mind everything detailed in the article today is already in the game, and most of it is complete. Once you get Patch 10 and see that, I think it may sink in that these aren’t theoretical changes we’re still working on, they’re changes we’ve completed. Obviously the potion button still needs a little work to hook it up correctly, and the character attribute changes need to be balanced and tested for itemization throughout the game, but overall these are changes we’ve already made.

    I do not intend to impress that we’re close to release, or infer any such “we’re done” kind of statement, but most of these are fairly straightforward changes that are already complete and implemented. We do have more changes, skills and runes, affixes to add, more items, Battle.net features, testing, testing, and more testing etc. to do so we’re obviously still not there yet, but none of the changes detailed today are theoretical or yet to be implemented.

    Source: Blues: IncGamers .

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