After yesterday, when he commented on… everything, Bashiok took if fairly easy on Friday. He made a few posts, but most were chatty and non-game related. Aside from agreeing that he’s given the Battle.net forum regulars a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, demonstrating that with evil laughter when asked to define “soon,” and bemoaning the sexism in a thread about why there aren’t more female Diablo players, he didn’t have much to say.

    Well, there was this post, in response to someone asking for some photos of the Blizzard offices/D3-factory.

    I know I saw photos out there from the fansite summit held for BlizzCon 08. I’m not sure where I saw them now, but one of them was of my office – kind of. Maybe flickr somewhere.

    It’s not exciting, really.

    We went along on the Blizzard office tour before Blizzcon last year, and there are some photos in the appropriate gallery. We’ve also got a few other pictures from another visit to Blizzard’s Irvine offices. As Bashiok said, they’re not very exciting, unless you’ve got a thing for SoCal office parks. The Blizzcon tour did not enter the Diablo 3 design area, or any of the other design areas; it was held entirely in the non-design studios, and featured sites such as the weight room, kitchen, lobby, office museum/trophy room, etc. All kind of nifty, but not game-related. Blizzard’s offices now are so large that they can sort the departments into different sections, and the good stuff goes on behind locked doors, where visitors are not admitted.

    That’s bad for us but good for Blizzard’s security and secrecy, since based on what I’ve seen in past NDA-signing office visits to Blizzard North and Flagship Studios, there are always lots of very cool things to see on the walls. Concept art, level maps, design discussions on white boards, etc, much of it for unknown features, expansion packs, unannounced games, etc. The companies want to keep that stuff secret, both to save the surprise, and since lots of it doesn’t ever make it into the games, or only shows up in very altered form. You can be sure that you’d see eye-popping surprises if you toured the D3 design studios.

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