Returning to the DiabloWikiFury thread we covered yesterday, Bashiok answered a couple of more questions about the Barbarian’s distinctive glowing balls.  Does PvP get considered in Fury development?


    A fan who knows where to find the info cited a few of the known skills that affect Fury regeneration.

    Slower fury degeneration:

    Increase fury gain rate, but also damage taken:

    Increase fury generation rate after a making a critical hit:

    An effort that earned a reply from Bashiok:

    Thanks shark, yeah there are abilities that alter fury generation, degeneration, and how and when it’s gained. Those skills are a bit outdated but the general mechanic intentions persist.

    Regarding someone’s question on getting into a battle on a cold start (no fury), there is Enrage, an ability that grants a bubble of fury and increase fury generation. Kind of similar to Bloodrage for Warriors in WoW if that helps you. So you can pop enrage (lolinsidejokelol?) and then be able to get in and start using at least one ability instantly.

    Regarding fury cost and someone implying that everything is going to cost tons of fury, right now there’s only one ability that costs more than a single bubble. Even still, if you’re surrounded, you cleave, that costs a bubble but the damage you’re taking while you cleave and the damage you caused with the cleave is usually enough to cleave again immediately.

    Personally, I think Fury is a cool concept. The mana costs of skills became irrelevant at higher levels in D2, with good equipment and leech. With Fury the Barbarian will always have to pay some attention to his skill-powering resource, and that seems a useful tool to add to the development team’s game balancing arsenal.

    I think we all assumed that all of the D3 characters would repeat the health/mana style seen in D2. And the barb did, initially. (The Wiz and WD work just like D2 casters did.) The Barb’s change to Fury was made fairly recently, and how Fury will work is an ongoing design issue.  What about the other D3 characters, though? The 4th and 5th characters seem certain to be physical combat-oriented, with 2 casters in the game already. How might their skills be powered?  Will they be like the D2 combat characters were? Will they use Fury? Or something else, perhaps a sort of hybrid between mana and fury? Would you guys like to see a new control scheme for the remaining characters, or a return to the same style we saw in D2?

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