Bashiok Forum Quickies

In addition to his posts about character non-collision and skill non-trees, Bashiok yesterday threw in a couple of quick posts as well.

A fan worried that D3 is being rushed along (Now there’s something you don’t hear every day!) quotes the new Jay Wilson interview, and earns a reply from Bashiok.

“Jay Wilson: We removed Ureh from the game as a setting to try and get the game out sooner. However, we like including things from the books and from other sources. No promises, but it’s definitely something we’ve discussed.”  This worrys me.. cutting out things to rush the game along.. who knows what else is being cut out that will take away from gameplay and cheapen it in a sense..
Im fine with waiting an extra year for a finely polished spectacular game….

Bashiok: DiabloWikiUreh and DiabloWikiSkovos were cut as potential locations in the game a long time ago.

Elsewhere, a fan wonders why Blizzard announced Diablo 3 so far in advance, since the waiting is ruining his life. This plaintive wail earns… a completely OT reply from Bashiok in which he repeats something else Jay Wilson said in the new interview.

DiabloWikiUniques are now called DiabloWikiLegendary! Freak out!

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1 thought on “Bashiok Forum Quickies

  1. I think this is a step in the right direction. Games have for too long catered to outdated level-based progression systems – something that may have been worthwhile in PnP games but not necessarily so for more advanced computer-based games today. For one thing it is extremely inflexible. It is typically one of two things, either you got a bunch of abilities from each successive level attained, or several branches opens up to you for every level up or so.

    Now skilltrees of the likes of D2 wasn’t all bad, on the contrary it served something of an intermediate step between purely level-based and purely skill-based progression system. The problem with this sort of system (and that of level-based systems) of course is that when you do progress, you suddenly gain one or more abilities suddenly and immediately. There is no in-between for levels. It doesn’t give you any kind of gradient in terms of abilities. Folks could say heck, who’d want this progressive form of skill attainment, acquiring abilities immediately is better since it provides noticeable feedback. That may be true, but that small benefit pales in comparison to what a pure and robust skill-based system provides.

    With skills, players will have almost limitless freedom when it comes to specializing and personalizing their characters. Assuming it works somewhat like UO (old-school UO anyway), players will get to focus on skills they really need, rather than wastefully using up points just to get higher up a level-based tree. Re-specing and partial re-specing will be significantly more reasonable than anything that can be designed with the old D2-style skilltree system. Thanks to the fluid/gradient-like spacing of pure skill-based systems, players can create far more templates than is currently possible with any sort of level/skill-tree hybrid system ala D2. With trees out of the picture, the developers will be free to add new skills easily without the need to re-structure trees, re-do UI, or require months of balancing against other abilities. This open-ended system is exactly what is needed in games, it provides a far richer experience than any antiquated decades-old system can hope to achieve, and if D3 ends up going gold with it, all the better.

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