It’s been quite funny watching the Best Buy story unfold on gaming sites in the past 24 hours.  When we added the story here yesterday, a lot of sites picked it up and ran with stories that pretty much stated the game would be out in February and that the date looked final. The news went all over the place but unfortunately most news items indicated that Best Buy must have had some inside source due to the rather bold midnight opening poster.

    Since the Best Buy picture surfaced it looks like other retailers have joined in the release date Bingo with sites like Gameplay adding a February 3rd date in the UK and even Target hedging their bets for 7th February. Bashiok responded yesterday with his “lol” tweet which clearly indicated Best Buy are as much in the dark as you and I. This simple tweet seems to have gone conveniently unnoticed by gaming journos.

    Bashiok posted again today just to make sure the internet has finally got the message…

    Diablo III does not have a release date. Any store or person claiming otherwise is guessing.

    The release date speculation must be getting tiresome for Blizzard PR, and it’s just as well this surfaced at the weekend, or the phones at Blizzard PR would have been ringing off the hook.

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