Whatever DiabloWikiBashiok did during his holiday vacation, it apparently gave him plenty of time to refresh his sarcasm, since he’s bringing it with both barrels in this week’s forum posts.

    His reply in a thread about the Monk’s resource system:

    The monk looks completely OP [overpowered]

    Bashiok: Yeah, we want to make sure there’s one class that’s just much much better than all the others at release. Then after a healthy amount of complaints we buff all the other classes and people think we’re heroes.

    It’s game-dev psych 101 stuff.

    His reply in a thread asking for any kind of general hint about Diablo 3’s release date:

    I’m just hoping we can pull #1 in Wired’s list of vaporware like StarCraft II did.

    He did get a bit more serious when asked about the differences between the Witch Doctor and the Necromancer, who may, or may not, return in a hypothetical expansion pack:

    Jay Wilson has already hinted that the Necromancer would be making a return, and that they designed the Witch Doctor with that in mind.

    Bashiok: I’ve seen this said quite a bit. We’re not specifically designing the witch doctor to leave room for a necromancer class. We’re focusing on this game and making the classes fun. It’s more of a case of, the witch doctor just isn’t similar enough that it would prohibit us from adding a necromancer. Were one to be added in an expansion. Were an expansion to be made.

    Since Bashiok didn’t specifically deny it, I’ll state that no, DiabloWikiJay Wilson never said that. The D3 Team has said that the WD is different enough that it doesn’t rule out a return of the Necromancer, but that’s far from saying that it’s going to happen.You could say that the Wizard is different enough from the Sorceress to trot her back out too, but that doesn’t mean it’s true, a good idea, or that it’s going to happen. On the other hand, Bashiok’s semi-denials aside, Diablo 3 expansions have been pretty well confirmed by others in the company, as well as the small fact that they’ve made expansion for every other game they’ve ever released. *cough*

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