@Bashiok Bored in Paris

Bashiok and many of Blizzard’s other community managers from around the world (especially Europe) are all in Paris this week to train and prep for new skills and for Diablo III’s impending release. While we’ve heard from others in attendance that it’s been a very cool session, Bashiok was less enthused in his comments:

Meetings and discussions on community management/social media stuff. Nothing too exciting. –Bashiok

High level strategy stuff. How we use the blogs, social media, forums, etc. —Bashiok

The irony of the trip is that thanks to cold weather, no HBO or Netflix, and a typically American “foreign countries are weird” attitude, Bashiok’s online productivity has skyrocketed as he sits homesick in his hotel room and kills time, waiting for his return flight to the cultural mecca that is Orange County, California. I’m not going to even attempt to quote all of his dozens and dozens of tweets over the past couple of days, but here are a few that relate to Diablo III.

hi, what options will be to people who pre-ordered CE and want to start play at midnight launch? buy another D3 digital copy? –GintxLV
Probably be able to preload the game, go get the CE at a midnight release, then just need to run home and register the key. —Bashiok

dude. Apart from slightly needed upgrades to rune icon visuals. This game is ready!!! –Robertrauby
Tons of tuning and testing going on. We’re getting there. —Bashiok

Hi, did you think about adding affixes improving specific skills? It will help a lot to character customization. –Vozi33
That was in the rune system at one point. But it only works with runes as items, and that has too many issues. —Bashiok

They will, too. Some people seem to discount items way too quickly. –Vozi33
Min-maxers might. Whether that’s actually more efficient than using one awesome build they enjoy is a better question. —Bashiok

Speaking of which, any word on what’s going on with Gems? That’s another system that we don’t really know much about… –shadowx8
Well each rune adds different stats based on the slot they’re put into. It’s pretty much the D2 system. If it ain’t broke.

I assume Bashiok meant “gems” instead of “runes” in that last one. On that topic, datamining tells us that gems regained their weapon property (DiabloWikiBeta patch 13 stats for topaz, emerald, ruby, and amethyst from the DiabloNut DB) in the newest beta patch. Prior to this, the four types of DiabloWikigems had one property in helms, every other item type was just “other,” and DiabloWikisocketed weapons had been out of the game for over a year, as you can see in the outdated gems info from Blizzard’s site.

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23 thoughts on “@Bashiok Bored in Paris

  1. “Hi, did you think about adding affixes improving specific skills? It will help a lot to character customization. –Vozi33 
    That was in the rune system at one point. But it only works with runes as items, and that has too many issues.”

    Skill-specific modifiers were basically my “last hope” for some sort of end-game build commitment.  I guess that’s the final nail in the coffin for what I’d hoped Diablo 3 would be like.

    Now that my expectations are thoroughly slashed, I guess now I can just relax and enjoy whatever we do happen to get. 

      • Those were just added to the game code, but there’s no guarantee they’ll actually make it into the playable product. There’s a lot of stuff in the code that is just in testing or consideration for later.

        That said, Bashiok saying it’s not going to be in doesn’t mean much; it’s not his job to know every single thing maybe being developed for later. And even if he had seen that list, he wouldn’t publicly comment on a maybe future addition that’s not yet anywhere near confirmed.

  2. I loled hard at your smirky comment re Americans in foreign land and the “cultural mecca” :D. honestly, i dunno if Bashiok has been to Paris ever before, but the city is amazing, and if he really sits in his hotel room instead of exploring it (at least, if the weather sucks, art museums, which are, like, among the most amazing in the world), then i really feel sorry for the dude…

    • Irvine is soulless, hot and smoggy, formed almost entirely from ugly glass-buildings in office parks (like Blizzard), strip malls, fast food joints, and suburbs full of uptight white people, all connected by perpetually traffic-clogged freeways. Despite, or perhaps because of this, it’s about the most densely-populated. and one of the most productive, areas in the entire US.

      Despite this, if I were in France on business I’d probably spend a lot of my time in my hotel room on my laptop, much as Bashiok’s doing. A few hours of walking around old cities on hard streets goes a long way, for most suburb-raised Americans.

        • I find this awfully funny. I mean, I’m from Norway myself, but spent a year of my studies in San Diego (not all that different from OC I guess). When I arrived my jetlag was gone the day after. Cultural shock? My thoughts were just “ohh well its Europe without the old and cool buildings, and larger freeways…” That being said, I had the year of my life over there. But I really don’t get all the “cultural shock” stuff. Is it really that big of a difference (apart from the fact that most places in southern Europe doesn’t speak English at all)?

        • F*** me! I just got a Beta key from some stupid contest on a web-page. Here I come, half-assed skill UI!

  3. Pretty funny image of Bashiok being bored in Paris, and that cultural mecca Orange County, lol. But his travel depression is a pretty common thing. For a lot of people there is a good re-adjusting period, not to mention the jet lag you have to get over. That kind of culture shock is hard to get over so quickly. I think if he were there a lot longer he’d be able to settle in and enjoy it more, but running from meeting to meeting, he probably has little time to adjust.
    I only mention all of this because it reminds me of my trip to Europe a few years ago. It took a good few days to adjust, and you feel lame because it’s like “What the hell is wrong with me! I should enjoy this more!” You expect to enjoy every waking moment, but sometimes it’s just rough. =/ You’re really out of your comfort zone. And considering the idea of going from Irvine to Paris, ouch, sounds painful.

    Also, we don’t actually know if Bashiok is all that bored here. C’mon guys, there’s a lot of assuming. I think he’s just not excited about meetings. Doesn’t matter what city you’re in, meetings are never all that great.

    • That he’s posted by far his most tweets ever in a 2 or 3 days period (even including that one night when he did an hour straight on d3), plus made numerous lengthy forum posts, all while attending some sort of CM training seminar, (plus his various “no HBO!!!1!?” comments) seemed a pretty clear indicator to me that he was bored and killing time in his hotel room.

  4. We are so jobless that we are discussing Bashiok’s travel blues. Meh!

    Yes we are really that bored. 

  5. They talk weird in France. Should’ve placed the Blizzard EU HQ in München (Munich). At least German is comprehensible.

      • I didn’t say anything about the possible “boredom” about European cities.
        However, I’d say more Americans should visit Europe and go to Munich, Paris, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Brussel and so on. Not every city in the world has 95% highway and smog, like US cities.
        If you want skyscrapers go to US. If you want history, architecture and culture, you should visit Europe.

  6. I dont think we talk “weird” in France. Just to say, there is the Salon International de l’Agriculture where he could see the bigest and most beautiful cows of the world, that should interest him.

  7. Their fingertips must be bleeding after writing all this stuff in the last 3 news… sooo much blue, woohooo, it’s like looking in the sky.

  8. “Well each gem adds different stats based on the slot they’re put into. It’s pretty much the D2 system. If it ain’t broke.”

    Except it’s not the D2 system. D2’s system had much more variety. Looking at the affixes of gems right now I can tell you exactly how everyone will use them: Emerald in the weapon, Amethyst in the Helm, and whatever gem has your class’s primary stat in everything else.

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