Bashiok and many of Blizzard’s other community managers from around the world (especially Europe) are all in Paris this week to train and prep for new skills and for Diablo III’s impending release. While we’ve heard from others in attendance that it’s been a very cool session, Bashiok was less enthused in his comments:

    Meetings and discussions on community management/social media stuff. Nothing too exciting. –Bashiok

    High level strategy stuff. How we use the blogs, social media, forums, etc. —Bashiok

    The irony of the trip is that thanks to cold weather, no HBO or Netflix, and a typically American “foreign countries are weird” attitude, Bashiok’s online productivity has skyrocketed as he sits homesick in his hotel room and kills time, waiting for his return flight to the cultural mecca that is Orange County, California. I’m not going to even attempt to quote all of his dozens and dozens of tweets over the past couple of days, but here are a few that relate to Diablo III.

    hi, what options will be to people who pre-ordered CE and want to start play at midnight launch? buy another D3 digital copy? –GintxLV
    Probably be able to preload the game, go get the CE at a midnight release, then just need to run home and register the key. —Bashiok

    dude. Apart from slightly needed upgrades to rune icon visuals. This game is ready!!! –Robertrauby
    Tons of tuning and testing going on. We’re getting there. —Bashiok

    Hi, did you think about adding affixes improving specific skills? It will help a lot to character customization. –Vozi33
    That was in the rune system at one point. But it only works with runes as items, and that has too many issues. —Bashiok

    They will, too. Some people seem to discount items way too quickly. –Vozi33
    Min-maxers might. Whether that’s actually more efficient than using one awesome build they enjoy is a better question. —Bashiok

    Speaking of which, any word on what’s going on with Gems? That’s another system that we don’t really know much about… –shadowx8
    Well each rune adds different stats based on the slot they’re put into. It’s pretty much the D2 system. If it ain’t broke.

    I assume Bashiok meant “gems” instead of “runes” in that last one. On that topic, datamining tells us that gems regained their weapon property (DiabloWikiBeta patch 13 stats for topaz, emerald, ruby, and amethyst from the DiabloNut DB) in the newest beta patch. Prior to this, the four types of DiabloWikigems had one property in helms, every other item type was just “other,” and DiabloWikisocketed weapons had been out of the game for over a year, as you can see in the outdated gems info from Blizzard’s site.

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