Some one, probably an old school D1 warrior fan, feels the Barbarian’s special abilities are “too magical”. Bashiok replies:

    I don’t get that feeling while playing one. I think the Hammer of the Ancients ability is definitely magical to some extent, he’s effectively summoning a giant hammer to smash an enemy.

    I kind of fill in my own blanks as to where it’s coming from and it feels very natural to me and the Barbarian “kit”. I kind of see it as – and like the idea of – the barbarian … I guess drawing upon the power of his ancestors. It feels very Norse, very mythological, and somehow tied to a family bloodline of great and powerful warriors. Summoning the power of a giant hammer? Hell yeah! If a barb is going to do anything magical, it’s going to be so he can use a big *** ethereal hammer.

    To which a poster replied semi-nonsensically: “But if you have the magical ability to hit so hard you break the rock beneath you, WHY ARE YOU HITTING A ROCK?”

    Because it looks cool, and it’s a very physical and apparent way to get the basic mechanic of a “crowd control” skill across.

    I don’t see anything “magical” about it either. Is it realistic? No, but why should it be? Immersion and reality aren’t intrinsically tied.

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