Last night, Bashiok used his twitter account to make a bunch of quick replies to fan questions about the new systems info. Quotes:

    will d3 beta patch 10 have all the changes that Jay mentioned in his post today?
    Yes! All of them. —Bashiok

    are the changes that are being implemented set in stone? Or they subject to change depending on beta feed back?
    Nothing is set in stone. —Bashiok

    It looks like these changes have been in the works for awhile now. Will the upcoming patch reflect these changes?
    Yes, all of these changes are complete and will be present in beta Patch 10. —Bashiok

    But white items still cost gold? Wont that make them worth something, making me to fill my inventory and later sell them in town
    They’ll sell for very little. It will quickly become apparent they’re not worth the inventory space. —Bashiok

    Any idea when the 4 acts on the game guide will be released?
    When the game is released. —Bashiok

    Why have items that are useless?
    To make seeing a good item drop that much rarer/exciting. —Bashiok

    So assuming they will still drop on f.e. inferno difficulty, why there are there? No disenchant, no use, no selling…
    Because the game is about fountains of loot exploding out of demons. —Bashiok

    Will the new Salvage method be included in the new patch?
    Yup! —Bashiok

    What about “upgrading” gems? since u removed the mystic, its not implemented anymore?
    That’s the Jeweler. 🙂 —Bashiok

    Jay’s article says strength affects barbarian damage and dexterity, DH’s etc… That’s just core, rite? Weapons still add most?
    Well there’s the basic weapon damage, then if it has +Strength on it you *probably* wouldn’t want that item as a wizard. —Bashiok

    What if per chance the weapon damage is vastly superior? wouldn’t that make sense to take it for secondary attribute?
    Very possible! It won’t always be an absolute “It has X I don’t want it.” You’ll still need to evaluate. —Bashiok

    Town Portal: Instant or cast?
    It’s the same as the Stone of Recall, just in a different spot with a new (old?) name. It’s a 2 second cast I believe. —Bashiok

    what? was just getting excited about stone of recall! U guys had me convinced that scrolls suck, and stones rock (no pun intended)
    It’s the same thing, we just moved it and renamed it. —Bashiok

    Since we’ve got some articles coming up later today with focused discussion and analysis of what these changes will mean to the gameplay, I’ll refrain from comment here.

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