Earlier in June, we polished up the Quests, Wizard and Witch Doctor Diablo Wiki articles with everything you could possibly want to know about them. Well, we didn’t forget the Barbarian!

    More information that you might think is available about the Barbarians (or the DiabloWikiChildren of Bul-Kathos, as they call themselves), and some people might not know about the link with the DiabloWikiDruid society either.

    The Barbarian character is a broken man. Saving the world is not a sweet victory when your entire race’s life goal is shattered in the same instant. The Barbarians have roamed the lands, some reported to have turned feral (or perhaps demonically corrupted) as “rumors of monstrous things reported to resemble the barbarians in size and ferocity” are told by Abd al-Hazir.

    Perhaps this unrest can be solved by finding out what the mysterious comet really is?

    For more information on Barbarian lore, skills, design and development, check out the Barbarian DiabloWiki article.

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