Barbarian will be the Only Returning Class

The DiabloWikiNecromancer died on his own perfection, too good to be polished, and it seems we won’t be seeing any other character classes either. Does that mean DiabloWikiJay Wilson thought the DiabloWikiBarbarian was the most flawed class in Diablo 2? So many questions need answers…

Kotaku has also spoken to Jay at GC ‘08, and while this little tidbit is very short, they will probably milk their interview in to several little pieces, just like with the NYC event. For now, it seems plausible that the Barbarian is the only D2 character class to feature in Diablo 3…

Wilson says that there are absolutely no plans to bring back any other classes in the initial release, but, given that Blizzard wasn’t breaking any news at Games Convention, wouldn’t dish any details on what the remaining three classes will be.

You can read their little mini-piece of an interview here. Remember that you can read all Diablo Interviews, Previews and Panels from the Diablo 3 DiabloWikiMedia Coverage.

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