Barbarian Preview Video Released

Following up last week’s Demon Hunter intro/preview video, here’s one for the Barbarian. As with the Demon Hunter vid this shows some bits from the 2D “storybook” style Barb class intro cinematic, concept art, plus a bunch of gameplay video, all set to some informative narration. There’s cool footage from Acts 2 and 3, plus a first look at some huge, Alien-faced worm boss monster right at the end.

Thanks to aeriel and Azzure for the tip.

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    123 thoughts on “Barbarian Preview Video Released

      • Your comment made my day. Some how reminded me of my old spineless worm of a manager from years ago.  😈

      • Unfortunately I agree, the beginning I like but the in game footage has no relevance to what is being said. It actually brought out the cynic in me looking at that video. I still feel that the shadows are so light they might as well not even exist. And the static way the attack animations end, huge whirlwind ends in man instantly standing still, huh? I’ll stop, I’ll stop, I’ll stop now.

        edit: hehe i couldn’t stop. just watched it again and noticed how tacky the big worm creature is when it flashes white when its hit. Reminds me of the old 20c arcade games i played decades ago. I don’t like that in new games, just give blood, blood and health bar is fine.

        • Well… good luck finding a game that is more within reach of your expectations than…

          • You must be relatively new to this forum.

            It’s extremely common here, people are constantly whining and bitching about anything that displeases their nerdy eyes, but guess what, they’ll end up playing anyway.

            • Even if it’s common here, it still doesn’t hurt to remind them.

              Also, JWBS: Yes, it’s all “criticism”, but that doesn’t preclude it from being unfair or unjustified criticism in many cases. I mean, “the in game footage has no relevance to what is being said”? What are people expecting? The narration talks about war cries, and so the barbarian does some war-cries. He talks about dual-wielding, so it shows the barbarian using two weapons. How is that irrelevant?

              This video was great. It showed us a ton of new environments and monsters. I though the worm thing at the end was great – and with a monster that big, a flashing effect will be useful. When you’re just watching a video like this it might stand out, but in the middle of the action it will be useful to be able to see when your attacks actually hit a strangely-shaped monster like that.

            • Yeah that’s fair enough. I don’t really like it when criticism is equated to whining. Criticism is a valid concept, it’s very valuable and I’d hate to live in a world where criticism isn’t allowed, which is what raveharu’s post comes across as saying to me.  I don’t agree with a lot of what zod has said. The shadows and animations look ok to me.

        • 1) Everyone reading this is a first day sale, and 2) we’re a tiny sliver of the market, so 3) Bliz has no need to market more to us, which is why 4) almost all of their d3 promotion is themed towards casuals and doesn’t require or reward any real knowledge of the game or genre, etc.

          This vid isn’t made to impress us, though it does somewhat with some new areas and monsters in the footage. That’s why these vids are debuting on IGN, why bliz does most of their updates on facebook and twitter, etc.  The sooner you accept that reality and lower your expectations for how interesting you’ll find their promo stuff, the happier you’ll be.  For better or worse.

          • sounds like flux is about fed up with all the crying recently. me i dont get the expectations. imo this will be the best ARPG to date so why are the expectations set to a point where it should be even better? since when is the best not good enough?

            • I didn’t mean it as a rebuttal to anyone; just an effort to explain why most of the D3 promotion stuff is not, has not, and will not ever be what we really want it to be. B/c it’s not made for us.

          • I accepted a long time ago not to be the center of the universe and that there are other target audiences… I feel better since then and don’t look like an angry stupid nerd, well said Flux.

        • Completely agree on that giant worm flashing. It looks so horrible when every single monster is flashing like crazy and the bigger the monster, the worse it looks.

          • I also don’t like everything flashing manically all the time. I think it could really break the immersion, the illusion. Isn’t there some feature to tone it down a bit? I think the 2 handers in that vid look a bit goofy too, too large. I’ll probably stick to dual wield. I did like the vid though, the game still looks like it will be a lot of fun.

            • Thanks. 1 hour is a bit long at the moment but I’ll definitely watch it tonight.

              (Hopefully heroic scale weapons aren’t going to be made clearer and a graphics tone-down feature will!) 

            • I was going to post this, but I was thinking about their intent in the panel and they don’t really address this specific part. They talk about adding the red line and removing the flashing on mouse-over, but they don’t address the flash-on-hit. I feel they would do better by toning the opacity on the flash down a bit to make it muted. Or at the very least, give us the option to turn it off.

              Personally, I don’t notice it much. I’m so focused on getting to the next mob or my fighting to really care or notice. I know this is how I’ve personally experienced it, and I can understand why many do not like it. (On its face, it does look bad as third party looking in at the action.)

            • @Nizaris

              They don’t address it directly, but it’s implied. Player needs to know what’s he hitting and where is his cursor at any time. So that’s why monsters blink when they are hit, and why there is red outline. From the GDC video, although it’s not mentioned directly, one can deduce why monsters blink when hit.

            • Yes I am hoping it becomes less noticeable in the heat of the action. The guy in the vid does say that gameplay trumps aesthetics (paraphrased) which is something I agree with. If the feature is needed to make the game play properly I can get over it.

    1. Just awesome!

      @In the name of Zod

      Come on. you wont say that when you finally get your hands on Diablo 3.
      I for one, dont find anything negative about Diablo 3 so far and im very excited to play it!

    2. …c’mon…that looked fucking insane!!…..bitch.  i might just do a character switch

      • Lol I promised myself that I’ll start with the monk. This video has put that promise to the test.

        Really great, one month and a week remaining, can you feel it? ::shudder:: 

        • Man. Same to me. The more I watch of each class the more I’m confuse about which one I’ll try first.

    3. barbarian gameplay so far looks much better than demon hunter imo
      can’t wait to smash some monsters 

      • A theory for you guys to debate:

        It’s easier to make a class like the Barb look good in combat in a short gameplay movie like this one since he’s just smashing destruction and chaos. Random skill usage and thumb mashing style of play differs only slightly from what an actual expert player would do. He’s overleveled, so the WW, or Earthquake, or Cleave just empties the field and looks awesome.A wiz would (will) be much the same with wholesale devastation from Arcane Nova, Wave of Force, etc.

        This is in contrast to more finesse classes that have to be played intelligently and strategically to succeed and look awesome. This is why the DH and Monk gameplays from Bliz tend to suck, since the play quality is lame.  (I’m not sure where the WD fits into this, but since Bliz usually just shows off a bunch of his weirder skills, they seem more focused on the freak show than the power demonstration.)

        Agree or disagree?

        • the other classes has a lot of skills which doesnt generate any blood or gore at all (kinda boring), this is in part why the barb feels so much brutal to play, every hit splatters the ground..

        • totally agree. Barbs and wiz are easier to play, while i have more fun with monks and DHs. Frens commented the DH felt slow, but tbh it gave me something to do than just walk, smash, walk, smash. DH was my fav class before i tried beta, and is still is my fav after. Monk is catching up tho. 🙂 

          • @Flux.  I agree, it is marketing at its finest and as you can see (like stated before) these vids are catering to the n00bs.  IMO, after playing the beta for countless hours through many patches, a more strategic player like the monk (my class of choice) is the most fun.  It might not make a great vid for all the softcores but in the end the class feels less repetitive than just smasssh evverryything.  the barb got old for me pretty quick… comments?

        • Disagree. I played all classes. You know… Ranged classes, like DH are like: “slow hit and run”. I don’t see where is the strategy… A think is just about playstyle. Jumping on pack of monsters isnt about smash and see the gore, because if not played well you die… a lot!

          • Disagree. All I’ve seen is their baddie testers with crappy builds using Tempest rush and Wave of Light (The 2 worst skills in terms of dps per resource cost a monk can pick) purposely dying trying to prove a point in those “You will die” videos.

        • @Flux. Indeed. The more skill/finesse a class requires to play the more QQ from baddies saying the class sucks you will see on the forums. Just take a glance at the Blizzar monk forums, people whining about inane stuff like weapon animations and that they spend too much time generating spirit…

          • Are you dumb? Diablo 3 is now ALL based around items. One of their characters has NO ITEMS during ANY of their animations. It feels retarded, and is the only reason I won’t play the monk, ever. I’m not playing a half finished product.

    4. Looks impressive to me. Not sure what to take as second class after my WD, Wizard or DW Barbarian.

    5. I think most of us who do not have access to beta will do first class switch after each preview videos 🙂

      • Yeah that was awesome.
        Bastion’s Keep apparently looks pretty good once you get off of the top of it?  The video, the dungeons looked great (keep depths, level 2, looks like some outdoor siege area) but all we’ve seen previously was…not so good (the snowy keep areas). So maybe the “not so good” area is small.

    6. And I thought the gameplay in the DH video was cool, omg omg, can’t wait. Literaly, I can’t even sleep at night cause all I think about is smashing faces with the barbarian!

    7. I dont think the mob at the end is boss. Looks more like a big “trap” throwing lava, just looking big and cool. Can be wrong 😉

      • I doubt it, because the barb is hitting it (it flashes white), which means it is taking damage. So it’s a monster that you likely have to kill.

    8. I’ve been raping the repay button @3:02, wow just wow.

      That is only Act 3, I can’t imagine Act 4.

    9. So Barb now has super sayan mode?

      Wrath of the Beserker does look like super sayan, but i kinda like it.  

    10. That whirlwind is insane!! I’m glad that it is in the same league with D2 WW.
      Good to see some higher level gameplay.

      • Seeing how everything is getting one-shotted, I really hope that’s normal difficulty.

      • maybe its “made up difficulty” 

        its made especially for this video, just to show off the skills  

        it wouldn’t be much a “feature” video if the featured character kept getting killed 

        so they amp him up, give him the best items, full skills and plop him down in the middle of some scripted game play

        wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done that 

      • Duh… Is there ever a promotional video/trailer where the hero is getting clobbered?

        or at the very least not dispatching their foes like they’re bugs?  

    11. is this available in better quality somewhere ? neither have youtube account nor ign prime

    12. that thing better be a boss, and not something you can only avoid. and seriously, who gives a damn about what kind of promotion Blizzard bothers to do? who gives a shit about the rest of the planet? WE know Diablo 3 is about to come out and we’re getting it. screw everyone else, they should learn2google Diablo

    13. There is some flying demon that drops a soldier at 3:05. 😀
      Nice detail there blizz.

    14. What? Only first few comments were compalining! WTF?!!! The whiners on this website can do much better! Good video…sure, its not perfect and Flux pretty much summed up my emotions as well but things are what they are nowdays and people need to learn to expect them. Bring on the game i say! Im sure that FOR ME it will be a lot of fun and people that dont like it can look somewhere else!

      P.S. They had to use expression “torn assunder” they just had to hehe.

      P.P.S. Watch at 1.10 in to the video…it seems that “Thousand Punder” is now just a normal monster and the demon “Ghom” is probably the new Glutony boss!

      • it was implied in the Demon Hunter reveal vid that they travel in packs, since it features multiple Pounders in the demon horde approaching the Hunter and the lady survivor

      • Complaint: I really dislike how the animation of leap looks like it’s getting interrupted when he lands. It definitly looked better and felt more complete a few years back. I can understand why they cut it short from a gameplay point of view, but as of now I’m afraid it looks a bit unsatisfactory. A shame, since in concept it’s one of my favourites.


        • It looks very different runed. There’s an effect added to the landing that kind of makes up for it.

    15. When I started playing Diablo 2, I really hated the Barbarian. Found it to be slow, dull and as exciting as watching paint dry. Then an online mate did a Leap Attack into the middle of a bunch of monsters, crushed them with Whilrwind as he landed, and I was forever hooked on the class.

      For me, the video is just a chance to watch some more Barbarian action, which is great! 🙂 

    16. I like how almost none of the items he puts on (both the armor early on and the weapons for dual-wielding later) have +str on them….they mostly have dex and int.  

    17. I agree that the barb does have big skills and by tweaking his level they could be giving us an unrealistic look at his game-play however, it isn’t the effectiveness of his skills in this vid that has me excited, it’s how good the game looks. Each successive wave of game-play footage is better than the last and these spotlight vids are showing an increased level of realism and detail not seen previously, due not just to added finer detail but in terms of colour and scale.  

    18. You can’t tell how good its going to be until you play it. But yeah, flashing white monsters, they can do better than that surely. I mean come on I know the game is going to be the biggest seller of 2012 and its going to be awesome an all but flashing an enemy white with every hit. Imagine how its going to look with 4 people simultaneous striking him. You won’t see anything just white. How can a person get scared of a great big white shadow??? Looks dumb and dated.

      • Zod, you do realize the flashing you see is only when you hit it. You will not see it when your party members hit something…
        And Honestly, I don’t really even notice it when playing through the beta.

        • Was playing the beta for a few hours to see if I noticed any white flashing, and I concluded that if there was any, it was barely noticeable. I don’t know, maybe the effect is emphasized when using a skill like WW, so you can actually see that you hit.

    19. I love the barb so much.

      Can’t believe no one else did this, but I scoped out his gear at the 2:00 mark 

      He is using around level 43-50 items, and pretty much all his gear had pretty huge +stats on it

      Bold is with equipment, sorry i couldn’t make it side by side cause forum had a cry at my post.

      Str 467
      Str 706
      Dex 92
      Dex 359 
      Int 129                                  
      Int  291 
      Vit 260                                   
      Vit   486  
      Armour 723                            
      Armour 2735 
      DPS 14.67                              
      DPS 1549.45 

      interestingly his weapon was the highest level (50) but it was just a magic mighty weapon it did 182.6 dps, it’s stats were

      108-173 dmg 
      1.3 attack speed 
      adds 40-88 damage 
      1 socket (empty) 

      his shield wasn’t super impressive either but interesting to see it’s stats it was a rare level 43

      610 defense   
      +20% chance to block 
      +27 str +64 dex 
      +17 int 
      +44 vit 
      Health globes give + 179 life 
      2 sockets 
      First socket ruby +26 str 
      2nd socket emerald (not 100% sure) + 26 vit 

       also interestingly the gem stats are not included and infact the shield gives +53 str total. + 110 vit!  anyway i’m even more excited to get this game and finally start playing… damn beta is such a tease. 

      overall this is probably nearer the low to average end of level 50 items, as I doubt whoever character it was really put a heap into him, it might have just been made just for the video.


      I also had a sneaky look at when he was dual wielding but he was level 34 and the weapons were only level 21, dealing 39 and 37 dps

      when he equips both his dps is around 270 mark.

      • yeah, can’t believe no one else did that 🙄

        h t t p://
        h t t p://

        • You can post links here. What you have to do is paste the link into the box, then hit the unlink button. The software will automatically make it an active URL when you post instead of flagging you for moderation that way.

          Just an FYI, and thanks for writing that up. 

      • Man those stats are huge and that isnt even endgame gear yet. I guess they haven’t learned anything from WoW. 2000 strength here we come!

    20. This vid is more interesting than the DH one, arguably any other D3 vid in fact because there’s like 3x as many enemies for some reason (just because it’s A3?). Looks like our characters are gonna get dive bombed by dozens of birds later on.

    21. when that thing came up at end of video i was like ,,damnnnnnnnnn,, and got freezed for 5 sec.seriosly i cant w8 to get this game.guesing that will be ton of moments like that when while u dont espect u can fight some mini boss or some unique monster 😀

    22. The picture shwon when he says “Arreat’s Defenders scattered…” is just epic!! I liked it so much

    23. What I like more then the show stealing worm is the flying menace trying out the laws of gravity on that poor schmuck next to it.

    24. I was leaning towards Witch Doctor but damn, this video got me pumped for some Barbarian action.

    25. I admit that this was actually pretty impressive. It was far more interesting than the DH vid. Still though not big on melee characters even though I will play the Monk right after the WD (Still not the necro that many wanted). Wonder which c;ass is next?

      • The monk should be next. On the release hype site, they have all the characters in a line. Supposedly tomorrow they’ll start the barbarian banner promotion.


    26. Call me a casual, but I’m pretty much impressed by what I’ve seen in the vid…
      (playing Diablo since the first game of the series btw)

    27. Okay, I’m late to the party here, but is the voice actor NOT Micheal Dorn? 

      “I will not be denied!”

      That is totally Worf! 

    28. *SPOILER ALERT!*
      Am I the only one that noticed the guy that fights alongside the Barbarian in the videos from Act 3? It’s not a follower, it’s Tyrael with his sword

        • I’m not so sure it’s the templar, Risingred.  The templar doesn’t flaunt a cloak in any of his three gear progressions.  Unless that gear progression has changed, I don’t think it’s Kormac.

          • The progression hasn’t changed, but the templar’s look has. He’s been spotted in a red flowing cloak-like thing before, in recent videos.

            But you’re right, I just wasn’t paying enough attention to the glowing sword on the black guy, I guess. Yeah, that looks like Tyrael.

    29. 2:50-53 top-left; turret enemy shooting a red laser?
      I think the flashing will only show the damage your character is dealing in a party, but even so I also found the effect detrimental to the fight with the worm demon at the end. I hope we can turn it off.

    30. I will play D3 of course, for many years to come. But the graphics make me cringe after have played Path of Exile for a week. Was it really THAT bad a few weeks ago? :S

      • Wait, did you mean to say that POE graphics make you cringe?
        Honestly, POE looks like a muddy mess and is not at all appealing to me… 😕

      • I played Path Of Exile during that test weekend. And seriously, if there was one thing that did NOT appeal to me, it was the freaking graphics. To quote Supernova ‘POE looks like a muddy mess’. The game itself is okey, but the graphic and environments overall is total “crap” imo (sad but true).

        I honestly think D3 is a much better looking game. 🙂


        • I agree, PoE graphics are dark but compared to D3 it is nothing.

          Game content is ridiculously bad, the game COULD have been a competitor for D2 but D3? Don’t make me laugh.

          The company that made the game is extremely greedy (they made people not in beta, yes BETA, pay “donations” to get into beta, dumbest move ever) and the creators are constanly spamming in game that they are poor.

          They’ve headed to oblivion anyway on 15 May.

    31. I had to look at PoE, and dude, give me some of what you have because that game looks like shit compared to D3. Seriously.

    32. my only concern at this point is the viability and competitiveness in later difficulties of 2-H build since I love 2-H i would appreciate some advanced display options i do mind the constant screen shaking…apart from that s***t i cant wait…:/  

    33. Holy crap.  I had to wait until I got home from work to see this video.


    34. These videos are like tutorials, like noone knows how to play a Barbarian after 10+ years of Diablo…

    35. I think the game looks fine overall. The reason they do the flash is to indicate you’ve hit the monster. Personally, I like the Diablo II style better – when you hit a monster, they make a grunt and a very small animation indicating the hit. The sound hit indicator is better, because it does not take away from the visual aspects of the game. This game, while lacking some signature Diablo I & II components, looks utterly fun. If it were up to me, I would have done some things in line with the traditional games, but it is not up to me. So, one has to take what one gets. Overall, I think I will be satisfied.

    36. That was positively amazing in my opinion

      The only things I didn’t like was pineapple anime hair(burrowing someone’s words) and flashing giant worm(I liked the worm itself though). Minor gripes

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