Today we’re continuing from yesterday with the Barbarian skills. It’s time for the DiabloWikiJuggernaut Skill Tree.

    A Juggernaut Barbarian will be excellent at withstanding tonnes of damage, and making sure himself and friends can withstand mobs of enemies. He is the ever furious Barbarian, but with iron cold control in his core.

    Once again, DxAxxxTyriel has proven invaluable in the process of adding skills to their own pages, and adding information that’s interesting, but too much to add to a long list of skills.

    DiabloWikiJuggernaut Skill Tree
    Tier I

    • Bash – Active skill that knockbacks enemy target.
    • Scavenge (required for Invigorated) – Passive skill increasing Health Globe drop rate.

    Tier II

    • Cleave – Active skill that hits multiple enemies in front of the Barbarian.

    Tier III

    • Revenge – Active skill that is an AoE with limited use that also heals the Barbarian.
    • Invigorated (requires Scavenge and required for Recovery) – Passive skill that gives Strength increase shen picking up a Health Globe.
    • Ground Stomp – Active skill that is an AoE stunning all nearby enemies.

    Tier IV

    • Taunt – Active skill that forces monsters to attack you.
    • Bloodthirst (required for Strong Constitution) – Active skill that heals the Barbarian some of the damage he deals.

    Tier V

    • Seismic Slam – Active skill that is a line AoE damaging everything in front of the Barbarian.
    • Recovery (requires Invigorated) – Passive skill that increase healing from Health Globes.

    Tier VI

    • Earthquake – Active skill that creates a huge wave of damage.
    • Strong Constitution (requires Bloodthirst) – Passive skill that automatically regenerates health.

    And again, big thanks to Eoweniel, TheWanderer, Defx, Telzen, OmniSliver, Freeze, Asteria and Sjassy, who also deserves a big thanks for their efforts in keeping us all up to date with all the Diablo III details!

    Keep a look out for further skill updates, by the way. We will soon have polished the Battlemaster skill tree up as well, to complete the set!

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