Barbarian Inspiring Presence Lacks Inspiration, Presence

The Barbarian’s DiabloWikiInspiring Presence passive skill got a buff in v1.08, though it wasn’t a huge one. On the PTR that skill briefly went up from 2% to 4% life regen per second, and shared the benefit to the party. This effectively gave the Barbarian the best Aura shared Aura in the game (much better than the Monk’s DiabloWikiMantra of Healing > DiabloWikiSustenance, which used to restore 612 life per second, but was boosted to 1240 in v1.08). Such a buff proved too big even for the Barbarian though, and the benefit was rolled back to 2%, though the Aura effect remained, so that boost now shares to everyone in the party.

A useful change, but the visual indicator changed as well, which is giving some players confusion.

So they added a cool feature to inspiring presence, thumbs up. But now we don’t even receive life regeneration from the passive, thumbs down. Fix this bug please, the description is right but our life regen has no increase… tested in battle as well not regening 2% life at all.. Anyone else seeing this on their barb?
Grimiku: So, we’ve seen multiple posts from players saying that Inspiring Presence is not affecting the Barbarian or other party members. When these posts first started to appear, we were pretty darn sure everything was working correctly. Your reports mean a lot to us, though, so we decided to hop into the game to do some testing of our own. We were able to confirm that everyone in the party was benefiting from the appropriate amount of additional regeneration, but the way Inspiring Presence it works in 1.0.8 visually is a little tricky. It now works similarly to a heal-over-time spell, which prevents it from updating in the details section of the character stat window.

I think it’s important that I let you know how we tested it, so you can see it for yourself. The first step is to turn on Healing numbers. You can do this in Options > Gameplay > Display Healing Numbers. Make sure you have no Shouts activated, and remove a piece of gear with Vitality on it. Once you put that piece of Vitality gear back on, you should notice a green number floating off of your characters head, and that’s how much Life you’re regenerating every half second. Next, perform a Shout that will activate Inspiring Presence, and you (and your party members) should notice a distinct increase in that number.

We agree that this can be confusing for players, so we’re taking a look at how to make those values more noticeable. Beyond that, we don’t have any additional information about if or when Inspiring Presence will update the Life Regeneration stat in the character pane, but we’ll let you know when we do.

I haven’t tried this out yet since it’s impossible to be below max health with a Barb I haven’t dusted off my Barb yet in v1.08, but I always play with the damage and healing and other hps displays on, so I’m sure I’d notice it. Do others not like to see the numbers all the time, and run in silent visual mode, thus potentially missing the benefit?

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  1. Point 1) You’re formatting is off on the quote from

    Point 2) I have all numbers turned off. They annoy me tremendously as a long time (and current) D2 player. The health bars provide me all the information I need. The only use I can see for the numbers is testing a new gear setup to see precisely what the effect is.

  2. *Your

    *kicks own shins repeatedly

  3. I would like to test it on a party, because solo it’s a little unnecessary.

    I’m not a top barb and my build is a little different (no HotA, no Sprint…). Even with my “different” barb, all I have to do is pop rend and done… (Or it works and I have full life in a few seconds or I’m dead).

    I accidentally turn the player numbers on and off since “E” was my character scree button on d2 for 5+ years. I use the monster health number to see how many crits I’m scoring.

  4. lol noobs reporting “bugs” nothing to see here, folks

  5. No, it’s Devs not adhering to standards. They changed a skill to affect the whole party and did not take the time to do it properly. Why doesn’t the regen info show up on the character screen like it’s supposed to? Lazy? Incompetent? Missed D2’s lying character screen? All of the above?

  6. I have all numbers turned off. Hate clutter.

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