Barbarian God Mode Fixed

Following Blizzard Customer Support’s tweet regarding rolling restarts for Diablo 3 realms, the DiabloWikiBarbarian exploit is no longer possible.

We will be performing rolling restarts for #D3 beginning tomorrow 7/25 from 5AM PDT until approximately 6:30AM.

There is still no word regarding any possible Demon Hunter exploits, which leads us to believe the reports regarding their invulnerability were false.

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17 thoughts on “Barbarian God Mode Fixed

  1. I really wonder whether anyone is going to be banned for exploiting either of the bugs.

    I suspect not…

    • I highly doubt it. There’s a huge difference between taking advantage of an exploit or glitch, and using a hack or “devious means” to alter the game. If an exploit is discovered, it’s up to the developer to either stop the exploit, or communicate directly to EVERY player that using said exploit while a patch is being created will result in punishment.

      Exploits, although sometimes frowned upon, are usually considered part of the final game. Look at it this way. Say all games were online since the beginning of time, and developers had the ability to remove your access to a particular game if you used an exploit that they didn’t intend to include in the final product. People would have gotten banned for things like:

      — Getting 99 Lives in SMB1 by hopping on the turtle shell over and over.
      — Bomb jumping in Metroid to avoid areas or access areas “too early”
      — Using the debug code in Sonic the Hedgehog

      Now, I know there’s a HUGE difference in the effect of the exploit between a single-player game and a multi-player game that institutes a real-life monetary system, I’m just showing how unfair it would be for developers to basically say, “hey! We didn’t intend for that to happen! Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and now you’re not allowed to ever play our game again!” I mean seriously, would you rather Blizzard come down hard on people who find these exploits, causing new exploits to stay secret and be abused for unknown lengths of time? If a single farmer ever finds a glitch like this and keeps it to themselves, the economy would likely be ruined far beyond repair before the rest of us even realized there was a problem to begin with.

      Why I decided to go this far into detail in a reply to a comment that is seen so often is unknown, but there it is.

      • I posted this before in the forums, but here goes again. They can ban you for this (I personally doubt they will), but they can if they want to. Part F of EULA:

        Create, utilize or transact in “Duplicated Items.” A “Duplicated Item” is any item in the Game created or copied by exploiting errors in the Game’s design, features which have not been documented, errors in the Service, and/or program bugs;

        It happened a while back in Tribes Ascend, a lot of people got banned for using some exploit.

        • Wait, Kripp duplicated items with this exploit?

          I don’t understand why you posted article F. “Using exploits or errors to duplicate item” (which is ode to d2 methods). I don’t think this situation fits.

          Also the faster he can broadcast exploits to the public, the quicker they will get fixed. How is that hurting the community?

          He doesn’t need to be banned, he needs to be hired.

        • I’m pretty sure you quoted the wrong section.
          But yes there should be a section in there somewhere about exploiting game bugs that give you an unfair/unintended benefit compared to others rather than reporting them. Iirc there was in the WoW EULA/ToS.

          Godmode obviously falls under this.

          • Oopps so I did, I misread a part of it. Anyway, it happened in T:A, just a warning.

          • “Godmode obviously falls under this”

            I guess that’s where I disagree. First, since there is no true “single player” I cannot see any appreciable difference between executing a built-in game mechanic and entering a combination on a console gamepad to enable a certain effect. The consumer should not be left to guess on whether something is an exploit or an undocumented feature, regardless of how “obvious” it should be. That is beside the point.

            Not every single feature of the game is documented – for example, show me the official documentation from Blizzard that discusses Enrage Timers. I couldn’t find it, but maybe I’m just bad at searching. How is a player supposed to know whether something is an exploit, and undocumented feature, a bug, or a really neat unintended skill effect.

            So I don’t see how this should be bannable. The only effect this has on anyone else is the Auction House, and that is a purely “optional” feature, remember? If its in the game, it is on the developer to fix it. Bear in mind, this and the Wizard bug are done with executing skills, not manipulating lag, overloading the game engine, etc.

            By your logic, if I inadvertantly discover a new unintended effect by firing off random skills, I should be banned from using my $60 purchase? In my mind, this only highlights more of the issues of online only play. Give me back my true offline single player and I’ll do as I please and be happy about it.

      • Check out the link I posted; it’s pretty obvious this is cheating. Not saying your logic is wrong or unfounded, it would be pretty bad for the game if they banned all the people who did this. As Jay is so fond of saying the path of least resistance will be followed.

        However, too risky if you ask me.

  2. Got in 4 runs last night before the the hot fix …. and it was sweet…

    Thanks to krip for this awesome JayWilson exploit.

  3. They will not ban _ANYONE_ for using this exploit. That would just bring more hot water on them. Ban people using bots and other ‘third-party programs’ but when you ban someone for using an exploit in a game that has been riddled with them since the release, is just ridiculous.

    Not to mention, it would open up more RMAH conspiracy theories. They include these in at launch to get a nice population of the game to use them, then ban said users making them have to use the RMAH to get back to where they were (unless they want to grind it all out again).

    I’ve never understood why it takes so long to get a fix out. I understand there are different levels of authority you have to go through to get it out, but something as ground-breaking as “GODMODE” should be fixed within hours of being reported and not two or three days later. It’s a very simple fix in the code — especially for the Barbarian. All that’s happening is the game is taking all the buffs you have on before the cutscene and giving it to you afterwards. All you do is add a If statement and If the Sprint is still activated after the cut scene, then you disable it. It would take a matter of seconds to fix it — Yet, it takes two or three days (OF REPORTED TIME, who knows how long they actually knew about it) to fix GODMODE.

    The developers for this game are terrible.

  4. Well I don’t think a ban would be legit as someone as already posted it in this thread :

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