Barbarian Forum Watch

It’s not quite a DiabloWikiBarbarian-only Forum Watch, but with more heat in the Barbaian forum lately, we picked no less than two Barbarian threads this week. If you “are” (or “will be”) a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor or a DiabloWikiWizard and feel the lack of love for your class threads, remember to submit any good ones to !

Here is a bunch of submitted/hot/interesting threads from the last few days, for the lazy people who can’t bother to look through the entire forum!

The Dynamic Character Growth System

  • callsignapollo has reacted to the stat assignment controversy, and made an intricate suggestion of how to solve it.

Durance of Pain – 3D Environment

More Information About Builds…

  • Diablo II has a lot of “hidden” stats behind the curtains, and Diablo III needs to find a balance between informative and cluttered interface. ptitbob thinks everything should show, and I’m more reserved.

Necromancer… Expansion Class?

  • Many Diablo 2 fans, including paulblasi4, are sad that the DiabloWikiNecromancer did not make it into Diablo 3. Expansion class, maby?

What Runes Will do for Barbarians

  • droscoe’s thread about Barbarian DiabloWikiRunes has flared back up in activity. Tell us how you like to see the runes influence Barb skills.

Barbarian AoE, Multiple Hits

  • Lack of AoE skills will be solved in D3 with the help of AoE attacks? ManBearPig’s DiabloWikiBarbarian thread also flared back up.

The Den of Evil Off Topics

  • If you’ve never visited the official unofficial Diablo 3 Off Topic thread by Gamekk, you haven’t lived!

Have a great week, and don’t forget to submit forum highlights to !

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