Barbarian Build: Raekor’s Furious Charge, Lightning

A cool strategy video by Meathead Mikhail shows off a Barbarian Build: Raekor’s Furious Charge, Lightning damage themed. The build allows him to do Furious Charge more or less permanently (managed properly to avoid cooldowns) and the action from a L26 Greater Rift is pretty juicy.

The vid starts out with a long discussion of the gear and skills required for this, so it’s educational if you’ve got high quality Barbarian equipment (or want an excuse to hunt it) and are looking for a new way to play.

Lightning version of the Raekor’s Furious Charge build in combination with IK for Unity-like damage mitigation. With the recent buff to 2-handed weapons, a Furnace may be a better alternative, but after having tested 3 popular weapon choices – Thunderfury, Odyn Son, and Shard of Hate – a dual wield setup is sick good.

In this video I go over the build, gear, paragon points, solo a Greater Rift, and talk about limitations and possible solutions. Enjoy!

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  1. I appreciate the hard work that this fellow puts into his videos. But it would be much more convenient for him to just link his profile for people that it isn’t convenient to watch a streaming video. I’d rather look at his setup and items there than have to watch a video, personally.

  2. if you go to the youtube page and click "About" it gives a bunch of links

    way down at the bottom is says
    Armory: Mikhail#1367

    now you have manually go to the armory page and search for that user

    and I guess this is Bane ?

    of course this is on the real servers, not the PTR
    so not so much help

  3. Oh god, i got bored in 10 seconds while watching this.
    Legendary items are a joke, boring stats, no mechanics in items at all, the process of killing stuff is just even more boring. “Mindless fun” is here. What a ruined game, TT.

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