After transcribing and posting all the Barbarian skills earlier this week, we have now started to get all of this information in to DiabloWiki. With more notes, and in a structured in a way, the Berserker skills are now described more individual detail.

    Our new and very enthusiastic contributor DxAxxxTyriel is the primary force behind this, so huge kudos to him, but do improve on his work yourself by fixing any errors you might find, or, more importantly, help us find MORE IMAGES to add to each article!

    First out with a DiabloWiki level of quality is the DiabloWikiBerserker Skill Tree, which is much updated from the older versions you still can find in the DiabloWikiBarbarian skill archive:

    DiabloWikiBerserker Skill Tree
    Tier I

    • Battle Rage – Active skill that increases damage and Critical Hit chance for a while.
    • Bad Temper – Passive skill that helps gain and maintain Fury.

    Tier II

    • Sprint — Active skill that increases movement speed.
    • Double Strike (required for Slashing Strike) – Passive skill that gives a chance to hit with both weapons instead of one in melee.

    Tier III

    • Frenzy – Passive skill that increase attack speed on successful hit.
    • Threatening Shout – Active battle cry skill that decrease enemy damage.

    Tier IV

    • Leap Attack — Active skill that lets the Barbarian jump, causing damage when he lands.
    • Slashing Strike (requires Double Strike) – Passive skill that gives a chance to strike all enemies in range.
    • Berserker State (required for Onslaught) – Passive skill that gives a chance to enter a Berserker state.

    Tier V

    • Whirlwind – Active skill that turns the Barbarian into a cyclone of damage.

    Tier VI

    • Wrath of the Berserker – Active skill that increases numerous Barbarian combat stats.
    • Onslaught (requires Berserker State) – Active skill that increases crit and dodge chance.

    Further, Eoweniel has also done a great job on adding DiabloWikiBarbarian skills as well as other edits, and TheWanderer, Defx, Telzen, OmniSliver, Freeze, Asteria and Sjassy also deserves a big thanks for their efforts in keeping us all up to date with all the Diablo III details!

    Keep a look out for further skill updates, by the way. We will soon have polished the Juggernaut and Battlemaster skill trees, and present them as well!

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