After a couple of weeks off due to real life and BlizzCon complications, Baranor’s Den has returned with a new installment. In this one Baranor delves into the perpetual problem for PC gamers… upgrading. Add in the complication of keeping your S.O. happy with his/her backup system, and things can get pretty hairy. How does Baranor handle this domestic issue without being bruised? Click through to read the whole column…

    Baranor’s Den #9: Bits and Bytes

    Once upon a time, on a planet far and away, the Elvins evolved. The Evlins are a cute-ish blend of two legged hippetyhop and a bird, and like nothing more than to live a peaceful existence, away from prying eyes and hungry animals. Elvins have two legs, two arms and two wings, a beak and an attitude to match

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