Game Limits Re-Enabled

The first time we were introduced to the game limitations akin to Diablo 2 was met with disaster. Accounts were tagged commonly with relatively normal play, and it resulted in much internet raging – legitimate raging. The system will be turned on again in the near future, so we’ll see how well they’ve “tuned” it to allow fair play.

Interestingly, they’ve also specifically addressed bots with the game limitation system stating that this will hopefully regulate the economy between ban waves.

In the near future, we’ll be re-enabling the limit on how many games a player can create within a certain amount of time. We’ve further tuned and tested the conditions that trigger this limit to ensure, as much as possible, that it only affects those abusing the Diablo III game service in a way that violates the Terms of Use – for example, by using bots that create games in rapid succession.

The use of bots not only impacts the stability of the game service, but it also has an impact on the player-driven economy. While we regularly take action against accounts for the use of unauthorized third-party programs and bots, this additional measure will help us further preserve and protect the integrity of the game and economy in between ban waves.

Once this change goes live, we’re looking for your feedback to help ensure that the limit is working as intended. If you encounter the “Input limit reached” message and feel you should not have, please let us know how many games you were creating and why. This information will help us ensure the limit minimally impacts legitimate players while still protecting the game against bots.

We’ll continue to tweak the game limit as necessary, as well as continue to go after the few cheaters and botters that are out there in other ways. Our goal is to help ensure that Diablo III continues to be a fun gaming environment for all of our players, and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on this change once it goes live.

We will update this post and unlock the thread once game limits are re-enabled.

I personally don’t have much faith in the game limitation systems of the past, as it harmed the normal player more than the bots. I fear that this will be the case with Diablo 3 as well. While normal sessions tend to last longer than that of Diablo 2, we’ll see if it is a step up from what we’ve experienced in the past.

Bot functionality is quite advanced, by detecting warden, alternating MAC Addresses, injecting different keys upon launch, and other methods they use to avoid detection. While the system is surely more robust, I still don’t feel that 2.0 is a bastion of security. How does the community feel about game limitation? Are you perfectly okay with it? Indifferent? Annoyed?


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  1. its not “ban” limits

  2. I know D2 bots would constantly join games to spam gold selling websites, but what do they do in D3? If this will take a bite out of botting, it sounds like the huge chest/barrel nerfs didn’t do the job.

  3. Bots can easily be made to stick to a game creating limit to get around this and the limit can easily be discovered. This may effectively slow down bots, but that’s it. The impact it has on players, whatever that will end up being, will be the only real difference. That being the case it’s a faulty security measure. Blizzard really should know this by now. It did nothing to stop botting in D2.

    • Now now, lets tell it like it is shall we?

      BLIZZARD did NOTHING to stop bots in d2. Bots, hacks, dupes or a variety of other exploits… literal years in between patches, at least patch 1.10 was 20 months in the making, and it was just a 20 month-in-the-making bandaid.

      Once again they are punishing the average player in their inability to stop the chinese gold farmers.

      • Really? You don’t remember the realm down crap or the temporary restrictions? This is exactly the same thing. They have to know this is a mere inconvenience to botters so what is the real motivation behind doing this yet again? The sad truth of the matter is that beyond initial game sales, the only way blizzard will make money off of this game is through the RMAH, which is a business model that actually favors botting. If everyone can find items on there own, then everyone gets geared and no one needs the RMAH. If however you keep nerfing drops and mfing strategies to the point were most players will be lucky to find 2 or 3 end game pieces of gear after weeks of mfing, the lion’s share of those ultra rare drops will end up in the hands of the people running 10 or 20 bots. Those botters sell the items and that equals blizzard profit. In fact, the more I think about it I’m surprised blizzard even allows items to drop in non bot games with their current business model.

        • Temp banning wasn’t implemented because of botters, but because people were creating so many games that it affected the servers:

          I don’t know how good Warden was at spotting the bots, but I imagine if they made even a bit of effort the whole problem would’ve been far less severe. They could even hire interns to hang around in chats, banning spammer bots.

        • If thats the point, and I believe it is, the Blizz is on a very short-therm bussines strategy. Actualy a road to hell. What you discribed sounds logical and profit making for Blizz and I believe it is just like that. But this cant last long, cause soon a break point comes and the whole system colapses. They can watch over their “player-economy” for 24h, care for it well as they want, but the (majority of the) people are not such fools to be “cash cows” for bots… Every economy has its limits to the moment when people cooperate. No “perpeetum mobile”…

    • Yea I’m just dissapointed they are spending even more time punishing legit players. When the measure is easily overcome by bots. Why not spend that same developement time actually catching boys and bidding their ‘warden’ software

    • Maybe the bots are a target audience for Blizzard? Botters need to buy a game for each bot, and they farm day and night for items to be sold in the RMAH. -> profit!

      • I believe this is the real answer. Bots operate for some time, then blizzard does a ban wave, bots overcome the detection and farmers buy 100s of new accounts. Rinse and repeat and you have continual sales for Blizzard. Botters are a source of income for Blizzard.

  4. If they simply implement a “x number of games created in x minutes” limit then I fail to see how it can be effective against bots. I don’t think bots create like 3 or more games per minute or something like that, do they ?

    Edit : or maybe it’s against spam bots and not farming bots ? But even spam bots would join games right ? I don’t see why they would need to create multiple games in a short amount of time ?

    I wish I’ll still be able to farm treasure goblins.

    • That’s exactly what they do. Sarkoth bots run around 15 seconds for negative (no-cellar) games, and 25-30ish seconds for positive. So at least 2 games per minute. All day. Every day.

  5. Well i usually end up accessing all 9 other chars of mine after i do a run with my monk, to shuffle equips and storage around……. does that mean i cant do that anymore? sigh gonna havta find a better way of organizing all my items………..

  6. This really blows.

    Ever looked at an item page on the wiki, and I uploaded a screenshot of every class wearing the item? Yeah…I have lots of legendaries to do. Awesome. : /

  7. A better solution would be to have a token economy, token earned via killing rares/champions. Or any form of currency that is not farmable in Nightmare or by running in circles.

  8. Not cool. I made 100 games the other night looking for a liquid rainbow so I could eventually see the pony level… and in those 100 games I got 0 mysterious caves.

    How the hell will anyone ever see the secret level now? I mean its accessibility is literally based on the ability to spam new games starting at the waypoint nearest the ingredient spawn area you are searching for.

    Another stupid move by Blizzard when they should be prioritizing their feeble manpower to fixing their broken game and lousy servers.

    • Exactly what I came here to post. I did the same thing the other night to no avail, but at least I was able to create those games with no hassle.

      FYI, those games were usually 10-20 seconds long before I saw the Mysterious Cave wasn’t there and started a new game. Creating game systems that require (or at least encourage) starting games over and over and then punishing the legit players that do so is a HUGE fail.

    • ow those times when soj was a legend -_- Now everyone wants to see a fukin pony in Diablo….im getting old..

  9. I sometimes create several games in a row to find a specific dye from a vendor =/

    • Ditto. I do the same with vendors and when I’m farming for certain events.

    • I don’t know why people even put them on the auction house, but you can get dyes cheaper there. Inferno dyes that are around 5k in-game are around 3k in the auction house.

      Special vendors who sell dye (like the alchemist) will sell them to you at half-price, and this is usually connected to some kind of event. Even at half price, they’re still cheaper in the AH.

  10. No matter what you do, the botters will be one step ahead of you. All blizz needs to do is to hiring someone (not much money involved) and allow him/her to personally view games one by one and ban accounts that are obvious spamming ads or botting as they are occurring real time.

    Exactly what criteria to use, I am not certain, but the method is not difficult. It beats any automated methods that blizz is trying to implement.

  11. If it doesn’t effect my group from running treasure goblins in A2 over and over again, then I won’t have a problem. This move only slows down bots but hinders players looking for a specific item or spawn. I really thought that they would of found a different solution to the botting by now.

  12. Nothing new here. Bots behavior defining our playing habits. That is modern games for you.

  13. Haven’t noticed it yet,
    I guess if im hunting for a certain thing while doing achievements I’d run into it. Other than that, probably not.

    Bot prevention needs to be more robuust,. inflation seems to be increasing rapidly the last week.

  14. goblin runs? better to stop

  15. admiting in our faces you are helpless against bots makes me wonder again…why the fuk are we allways online..??? -__-

  16. “Our goal is to help ensure that Diablo III continues to be a fun gaming environment for all of our players”….!!! Not too much evidence of that anymore!

  17. this isn’t a valid solution for stopping botters, since 90% botters actually have more than 10 product keys.

  18. they can put up whatever limits they want, I haven’t played D3 in over a week and I’m bored of it already. started Inferno, it’s a drag, same old shit, just more annoying monster affixes. fuck Actiblizzard as a whole

  19. This will make achievement hunting a bitch

  20. Is it just going to be amount if lack of time spent in games that will cause a ban? I usually stop to kill zombies on the outside before killing sarkoth 🙂

  21. is “because I get nothing but junk dropped so I need to grind like my life depends on it, to be able to buy stuff to progress further in inferno” a good enough reason when queried?

  22. At least it isn’t as bad as D2 where the game is all about quick runs and then it punishes you for doing quick runs. That’s the only nice thing I can say about it though as just like D2, the bots will just bypass the timer and it will bother people farming goblins and possibly Sarkoth manually.

  23. I haven’t seen this idea pop up: CAPTCHAs. Each time you create or join a game, you’re prompted with a CAPTCHA. Minor nuisance, but you’re only creating/joining a handful of games at any given session (supposedly).

    • Or they can do it if they suspect your account is a bot as you quit or start a new game.

      They don’t have to do it every time.

  24. Update the Usage agreement to include castration as a penalty for being caught cheating and botting. Ensure penalty rigorously enforced.

    Botting declines, as does the reproduction rates of those who prey upon others in society.

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