The Unofficial Diablo 3 Site and DiabloWiki.net are finally back online after migrating over to a new server. Apologies for the downtime, but there was an absolute ton of content to shift over and at least seven years worth of forum posts. There are still a few bits and pieces needing sorting (the image gallery and commenting on news posts) but all the main areas are now back in action.

    If you haven’t yet updated your bookmarks from http://www.diii.net to http://diablo.incgamers.com this would be a good time, since the redirect script isn’t functional yet.

    I will be spending some time tweaking the server config from time to time so please stick with us if things go slow of drop out periodically, hopefully that will not be often. Also thanks to the guys at our hosts Comtrance for working with us while we carried out the migration. Right, back to the Diablo action!

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