Hey guys! I just wanted to share these thoughts with you guys, pertaining to the current state of itemization in Diablo 3. As many of you have probably been reading, there are a lot of discussions and debates going on about the end-game in Diablo 3, particularly Inferno difficulty and itemization. I want to focus on itemization, as I think it is the subject that is the most important, and problematic part of Diablo 3.

    If you haven’t read todays Design update from Blizzard, they do touch on a few things I have written below about Legendary/set items.

    I will preface this by saying that as a whole, I think itemization is on the right track, and there are some really cool aspects of it at the moment, such as Legendaries (Uniques) having a couple of random affixes on them. I would also like to say that I am very pleased with Diablo 3 as a whole, and it is an awesome game that I will play for the long term. They did a great job with it.

    However, as per my previous news item about Legendaries and Sets, there is a massive gaping hole in the game, one that threatens to push players away before they even begin the end-game. Legendary and set items in Diablo 3 are the worst designed aspects in the entire Diablo 3 game. And not just because they were severely under-tuned. But rather because they lack creativity, diversity, flavor and appear to have little effort put in to them.

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