Azmodan Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard released a trailer showing off Azmodan as a new playable character in Heroes of the Storm. He’s got a fireball attack and lots of minion summoning, plus that lovely singing voice and nimble crab feet dance steps we all know and love.

The entirety of my HotS experience was one game at Blizzcon last year when a friend really wanted to try, and yes, of course I chose Diablo as my character. If I should wind up playing another game at the show this year, I can assure you that Azmodan will be the steed crab upon which I ride scuttle into battle. For what more could you ask?

Click through for a big pic of the newest “hero.”

Azmodan Coming to Heroes of the Storm:


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  1. Of all the creatures Blizzard came up with, Azmodan seems to be their favourite design, judging from how they chose to showcase 'his' cinematic as a pre-release preview, how they made making-of featurettes of his creation, how present he is in-game and how much artwork there is for him.

    Personally, I thought Belial's floating form was a pretty clever design even though much of that is due to his face which, sadly, isn't very visible in the game. While it also taps heavily into that dreaded 'alien shellfish meets power rangers monster with lots of glow effects added' design which ruined a lot of Diablo feeling for me, Belial was the one boss that could have gone with that.

  2. I assume you guys aren’t playing HotS, so FYI – Azmodan is available since last week, so the future tense might be a bit misleading.

  3. Azmodan just looks way too much like Mr. Waternoose from Monsters Inc, it’s clearly inspired either consciously or unconsciously. To a lesser degree Zaramoth from Dungeon Siege 2. It is more this than his “non-gothic alien demon” design that always made him hard for me to take seriously

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