Azmodan and Army Artwork

Gorgeous piece of new artwork by Blizzard artist DiabloWikiJohn Polidara. This piece, showing DiabloWikiAzmodan and his demonic army advancing from the DiabloWikiArreat Crater, was shown repeatedly at the show, on the huge TV screens behind the panel speakers, and it’s great to get it in high quality digital form.

Credit to HolyKnight for spotting it on the artist’s Deviant Art page. I hadn’t heard John’s name before, but looking at his gallery of Blizzard works, I realize I’ve seen several of them from Warcraft and Starcraft.

There’s a second piece of Diablo artwork there, but it’s sadly incomplete; the photo shows John at work on it during one of the live art session at Blizzcon 2011. Child-bearing hips or not, there’s nothing feminine or delicate about this head. Let’s hope we see that finished piece in the immediate future.

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12 thoughts on “Azmodan and Army Artwork

  1. I don’t care much about Blizzard being overly creative with act bosses, but this one really sucks balls from start to end ; there’s not a single thing about it that is remotely cool or archetypal or making any sense at all…

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