Let’s hear it for the insufficient staff/security at the Blizzard booth at the G-Star expo in Korea! First we got 10 minutes of high quality (low player skill) Demon Hunter footage, and now Japanese 4Gamer.net has posted a bunch of photos they took of the monitors at the show. The image quality is good and the image content is excellent, with clear looks at the DiabloWikicharacter window, DiabloWikiskills window, traits window, DiabloWikiinventory, DiabloWikipaperdoll, and more. Cleaned up versions of these photos have been added to our Interface gallery, and are thumbed below.

    Thanks to fmulder for another great news find, and check out that thread for some clarifications and conversation already underway.


    By far the best shot shows the newly-redesigned skills menu. Click through to see it with point by point descriptions of the new stuff visible in it, courtesy of my Blizzcon demo memories.

    This big view of Diablo III’s newly-redesigned skills menu is awesome. The “Purchase New Skill” icon only shows up when you have a skill point and an open skill slot. Which this player does since they just reached Clvl 10. Note the unlocked 4th tier skill icon, while the 5th, 6th, and 7th tiers are locked until the levels displayed in red.  This player clicked that icon, or the “View Skills List’ icon, and that opened the list of skills on the right. There the skills are arranged by Tier, just like on our DiabloWikiMonk skills page. This Monk can use her new skill point to purchase and begin using any skill in the first four tiers, or could save the point, or spend it in one of her three current skills.

    To learn a new skill, you have to click it. When you do the skill lights up, and the “Learn Skill” button at the bottom of the menu becomes active. If you click that, then you learn the skill and it’s moved from the skill listing on the right and added to your known skills on the left. It’s also instantly added to an open slot on your 1234 hotkeys. You can click and drag that icon to move it to a different number, or put it on the LMB, RMB, or Tab icons once you’ve learned it.

    The three (soon to be 4) known skills, shown on the left, are NOT included in the full skills list menu to the right. If the Monk respeced out of one, it would go back into the list on the right, in the appropriate tier. Note also that the DiabloWikirunestone sockets are open; skill runes were only available for the Wiz, WD, and Barb in the Blizzcon 2010 build.

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