Awesome Fanmade Maze: Can You Escape the Burning Hells?

Fan artist and master of the labyrinth, Nerzugal created this truly insane and a-maze-ing rendition of the Lord of Terror that has ever been seen. Check out the awesome pen(cil)-and-paper maze based on the iconic wallpaper.

You can also see more of Nerzugal’s work here.

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    14 thoughts on “Awesome Fanmade Maze: Can You Escape the Burning Hells?

    1. Awesome…Something to do on May 15 while I am waiting for the servers to come back online.

    2. oh I really hope there is a route because I’m going to print it off and do it. I think I’ll be boss-eyed by the end of it.

      Good work Nerzugal.

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