Awesome Fanmade Maze: Can You Escape the Burning Hells?

Fan artist and master of the labyrinth, Nerzugal created this truly insane and a-maze-ing rendition of the Lord of Terror that has ever been seen. Check out the awesome pen(cil)-and-paper maze based on the iconic wallpaper.

You can also see more of Nerzugal’s work here.

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  1. Awesome…Something to do on May 15 while I am waiting for the servers to come back online.

  2. that’s sweet man, too bad my printer is dead 🙁

  3. Thank you so much, will be printing it out tomorrow 🙂

  4. This is way too cool to be on college ruled notebook paper…

  5. Can I use WASD to navigate through your maze?
    (awesome maze btw…very talented)

  6. Someone was bored in class…haha

  7. That is nice that has ever been seen!

  8. Cobb called, said “that’s more like it, where can I find this guy?”.

  9. oh I really hope there is a route because I’m going to print it off and do it. I think I’ll be boss-eyed by the end of it.

    Good work Nerzugal.

  10. This is how hard inferno’s gonna be. Nailed it!

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