Awesome Fanmade Diablo III Windows 7 Theme

Ever wanted a desktop themed during those long delays, and DiabloWikidiablo droughts to help pass your time? Well look no further; iDR3AM created one using wallpaper artwork from yours truly and Blizzard.

The image below will link to the theme’s page, and after the break shows off a few shots of the theme.

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Fanmade Diablo III Windows 7 Theme

  1. Always thought this was a good compromise between full on static and random. Titan Quest was really, really, really pretty environment wise; it felt like an actual world. Those moments in Diablo 2 felt far and in between outside of dungeons (like when you reach the Cathedral, or the Summit of Mount Arreat).

    The main flaw of the Titan Quest variant was that it was too static between playthroughs, which these pockets of randomized environments should hopefully fix.

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