Awesome Diablo 3 Custom PC

If only my PC looked this good.

Removing all the old parts from the case he has created very cool looking custom system that any Diablo 3 player would be proud of. If you are looking to upgrade your PC for Diablo 3 then perhaps this custom Diablo 3 PC by nhenhophach will get your creative juices flowing.

The post shows the complete creation process and highlights the hardware used so you could even have stab at something similar. Impressive stuff.

Sadly it’s beyond me so I’ll have to make do with my silver thing with a Diablo 2 sticker slapped on the side.

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  1. Dirty case, but everyone knows it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

  2. Impressive work ! The interconnect plate is pure genius, and it’s the first time I’ve seem someone use hard tubes, it does look clean.

  3. Whoooaa, thats damn impressive!

  4. Sign of release.

  5. LMFAO “upgrade your PC for D3”? more like downgrade, with those feeble sys-reqs

  6. that looks terrible.

    • But still better than your profile picture.

      • I guarantee you that computer case is concentrated sexual interest repellent unless you’re dating a Diablo fanatic who is perfectly ok with shit quality as long as it has anything to do with Diablo.

        • Are you using your pc case as an opening line when aproaching a girl? I know I dont. Why are you talking about sexual interest in the first place? You are missing the point here man. Anyway Woman does not give a fuck about pc cases anyway so whats your point. never heard ..oh my, i think i cant let you stick it in me cause of that ugly pentium I case you have in the corner.

        • yeah because topless posters of Zac Efron in THEIR room are so much better……….*vomits*

    • Has Septar ever said anything positive or approve of anything? It is funny because of that grouchy dog picture.  Reminds me of Groucho from animal crossing

  7. No way in hell I would want to have that ugly thing in my livingroom. I am more of a minimalist when it comes to design. This is what I use:

  8. very nice, but my pc is mostly hidden under the desk anyhow….

  9. Brilliant craftmanship on that case-mod!

  10. Well the game is designed using average requirements for PC’s 5 years ago so it makes sense. Imagine how pathetic the system req’s will be when the game releases in 2 years.

  11. That’s insane. 😯

    I wonder how long it took him.  😐

    He probably started in 2008 after the announcement. 😉

  12. The acrylic tubing looks really sweet but is it practical? I can barely fiddle around with my components in my PC because of the cables and yet those are atleast quite flexible!

    I can appreciate the craftmanship definately, but I wouldn’t want that in man apartment 😛

    • Well I’d say it’s probably as practical as any other water cooling builds, by that I mean that you need to completely remove the water from the system before you can change a component. But as far as installing rigid tubes instead of flexible ones, I have no idea how difficult it is. It doesn’t look that complex to connect. It seems like the hardest part would be to figure out how to make straight connections and mod the case to make sure the connections are facing each others perfectly.

  13. I personally think it looks amazing for something pieced together by a fan. I personally wouldn’t use a PC themed after any one thing, but if you are a big Diablo/Blizzard fanatic that wants to surround themself with D3 themed stuff then more power to you I guess…

  14. go to images dot google dot com and search for 
    pc case mods   

    there are none for D3 that I see, but there are mods way more interesting than this

    the ones for biohazard, half life, god of war, bender, battlestar galactica are all pretty awesome
    they even have one that’s a turret from Battlefield 2142

  15. I need to link you to a BEAST rig with a 2.1GHz AMD Athlon XP with a 7800GT and a 20GB HD with 2GB RAM – BEAST of a system for Diablo III, sure to max it out.

    Sadly, its true.

    Joking, this system is awesome (but only partially joking on the requirements).

  16. Nice Case Mod …Look’s Great

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