The best (and worst) farming areas in Diablo 3 changed a lot in v1.08, and after a month of patch play, opinions are forming. From what I’ve seen in public games and my friends list, Act One is by far the most popular place to play now, presumably since people enjoy it and/or find it the most profitable. Why? That’s worth a discussion, but for now let’s hear from someone who doesn’t like the DiabloWikiFields of Misery, or at least said he didn’t to get some attention and a Blue reply.

    Why does everyone run the Fields of misery?

    The cows are ridiculous, poison trees are even worse. I get the whole density thing but OMG that place is just the worst. Aside from the need for keys. Just skip that mess.
    Grimiku: Personally, I think the Savage Beast and Gnarled Trees are fine, since every Act has a variety of things that will punish you if you don’t adapt accordingly. However, I tend to avoid creating games in Act I, because it tends to be a hot spot in the public games I join.

    I enjoy the Fields of Misery, but mostly since it’s so profitable. A huge area, absolutely packed full of monsters which actually move towards you (unlike the shambling zombies) which is time-saving for my Monk. Odeg is useful for keys and he drops lots of other good stuff (including legendaries) also. If anything, the Fields is too good, since you feel like you’re wasting time playing other areas in Act One. And worse yet, it puts Act Two to shame.

    I asked it in a forum post and we’ll do a main page vote about where you’re farming in v1.08 sometime soon, but does anyone miss Act Three yet? I was so sick of it in v1.07, but now that there’s no pressing reason to farm it… and um…

    Okay, I can’t even pretend. No, I don’t miss Act Three. Not one bit. However, I am getting sick of Act One, and I wish Act Two had more quality farming areas. It was much better early on the v1.08 PTR since there were *far* more monsters, especially in the dungeons. Bliz nerfed the A2 density too much during testing, in my opinion.

    So, where are you guys farming in v1.08 and are you happy now? Happier? Less miserable, at least?

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