Avoid the Fields of Misery?

The best (and worst) farming areas in Diablo 3 changed a lot in v1.08, and after a month of patch play, opinions are forming. From what I’ve seen in public games and my friends list, Act One is by far the most popular place to play now, presumably since people enjoy it and/or find it the most profitable. Why? That’s worth a discussion, but for now let’s hear from someone who doesn’t like the DiabloWikiFields of Misery, or at least said he didn’t to get some attention and a Blue reply.

Why does everyone run the Fields of misery?

The cows are ridiculous, poison trees are even worse. I get the whole density thing but OMG that place is just the worst. Aside from the need for keys. Just skip that mess.
Grimiku: Personally, I think the Savage Beast and Gnarled Trees are fine, since every Act has a variety of things that will punish you if you don’t adapt accordingly. However, I tend to avoid creating games in Act I, because it tends to be a hot spot in the public games I join.

I enjoy the Fields of Misery, but mostly since it’s so profitable. A huge area, absolutely packed full of monsters which actually move towards you (unlike the shambling zombies) which is time-saving for my Monk. Odeg is useful for keys and he drops lots of other good stuff (including legendaries) also. If anything, the Fields is too good, since you feel like you’re wasting time playing other areas in Act One. And worse yet, it puts Act Two to shame.

I asked it in a forum post and we’ll do a main page vote about where you’re farming in v1.08 sometime soon, but does anyone miss Act Three yet? I was so sick of it in v1.07, but now that there’s no pressing reason to farm it… and um…

Okay, I can’t even pretend. No, I don’t miss Act Three. Not one bit. However, I am getting sick of Act One, and I wish Act Two had more quality farming areas. It was much better early on the v1.08 PTR since there were *far* more monsters, especially in the dungeons. Bliz nerfed the A2 density too much during testing, in my opinion.

So, where are you guys farming in v1.08 and are you happy now? Happier? Less miserable, at least?

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30 thoughts on “Avoid the Fields of Misery?

  1. Fields & Weeping Hollow are my favorites, closely followed by the canals/sewers & the Desolate Sands in Act 2.

    • Completely agree. If anything, the new monster density changes [which are awesome] bring to light one of the games major? flaws…lack of randomly generated areas. Weeping and fields take on the same general shape. Remember the jungles of act 3. You would seriously get pissed off running that sh*t. And it was huge as i remember, but maybe I am just romanticising it. So Blizz, you are on the right track. More density, more randomly generated area [endless dungeon plz], and of course itemization overhaul. Then throw us an expansion. One more thing…with the added density and the “soon” to be itemization overhaul, please consider a slight buff to AoE effects of skills/weapons. Thats what I think we want. SLaughtering mobs at a time. Who doesn’t love seeing those numbers just spew out of the mobs? Right?

  2. For public games I select an MP then hit the “Any act, any quest” and take what comes – sometimes its a couple of areas in one act sometimes complete run though of multiple acts.

    Based on this i’d say act one and act three are jointly most popular, act two next and the occasional act four (on MP1 HC EU).

  3. yea lol i played mp10 last night with a 100 monk and he keept dying from the trees lol.. never seen that before a max lvl monk die so much rofl…

    • My plvl 50 barb has 41K HP, 900 all res (with War Cry) and 6% LL (with Bloodthirst). I can farm these trees with no problems at MP10.

  4. I just hit Paragon 50 with my monk and haven’t even quested in Act 2 yet. Fields of Misery rocks especially if Decaying Crypts spawns.

  5. It’s a nice area to farm, but yep…some mob mechanics are boring and kind of infare…a cow charging you from out the screen, a bunch of trees with all full of poison clouds…not hard…just boring and stupid mechanics.

    • So you think monsters with attacks that you have to pay attention to and avoid are stupid and boring? Hmm…I’d dread to hear what mechanics you think are smart and interesting…

      • In public games, beasts charge off screen; you can’t see them, or react. Invisi-beasts are a gear check, as are Terror Demons, invisible snakes, leaping Lacuni, and super fast leaping scavengers. Trees are the most overrated “hard” mob around. How the hell do you morons not see the seed pods? They take awhile to root and bloom, easily avoidable. Beasts off-screen will hit/kill you. Scavs burrow and leap, making them almost un-kitable. The combo is pure gear-dependent cheese. Actually trying to play your way through it is Russian roulette.

        Related; does Inferno perma-nerf crowd control, like life leech? Am I crazy or do snares just not work that well in Inferno, specifically Scavs, Lacuni, Corrupted Angels, Beasts, and other attack-move type enemies? I know Beasts/Angels and leapers go right through Bubbles/Grasp of the Dead/Caltrops w/o any problem. Blizzard gives us all these nifty tools to actually use some skill, then breaks them all so you have to spreadsheet your EHP so your stupid brainless bot is still the better option, just like D2.

        • Ah, I didn’t know that about public games since I only play solo. I do despise all those monsters that appear literally and unavoidably on top of you like the invisible snakes. Such a cheap way to add “difficulty”.

          And I REAAAAALLY agree with you about the lameness of nerfing snares/CCs in Inferno. If you nerf an entire category of skills but leave all others untouched, don’t be surprised if people ignore those skills. Ugh.

        • If it’s any consolation, snares and CC used to be MUCH worse. The slow reduction in Inferno was like 20% before they returned it to more sane rates while adding a form of diminishing returns, which doesn’t really do much except make your CC less effective for a small window of time.

          They should just get rid of any sort of reduced effectiveness altogether, kiting in this game is broken enough as is. I mean, your skills don’t do 20% less damage in Inferno, why is it such a problem that your CC is too effective? Some classes rely on it to survive. Hopefully the new director has some sense.

  6. I consistently do about the same thing. I farm for keys and while doing that, I hit key areas, I usually do this all on MP 5.

    Act 1: Festering Woods for stacks, FoM for key

    Act 2: Desolate Sands for stacks, Oasis for key

    Act 3: Keep levels are stacks, Stonefort for key.

    I’ve been pretty successful at following this pattern. It hasn’t bored me yet, thank god :thumbup:

    • Agree, but I’ve had better luck in ZK’s archives than Desolate Sands. No Wasps, no invulnerable Lacuni leaping, much easier to bunch up/nuke Imps, and busting Ancient Tomes yields a lot more random gold than the bones out in the Sands.

    • Me too.

      Like trocadero, I prefer the Archives to the Desolate Sands- less wasp dancing, plus I tend to prefer areas that naturally funnel mobs together for me. But same overall objective: stacks, key warden. It gives you the excuse to vary things a bit, especially if you switch up where you get your stacks every now and then. For example, I’ve been clearing Stinging Winds lately because I’m still missing two Blackrock pages (Yes, I know it’s pointless. It’s just an excuse to change things up a bit). The Stinging Winds are still a waste of time, by the way. Low density, few Elites.

      I will add that I almost never stop at killing the key warden. I usually go ahead and clear the entire area to take advantage of the stacks I have built up. That actually paid off with 2 set items (a ring and an amulet) less than one minute apart yesterday. That was a first for me. Anyway, it helps that the key warden areas are definitely some of the the best farming areas post 1.08.

      The stacks/keys routine also gives you the added benefit of having a boatload of machines for when you get bored with farming and just want to run Ubers for the hell of it.

  7. I don’t think act ii is that bad,I like the oasis(the landscape is great & it’s filled with monsters) & desolate sands dungeons isn’t bad either.
    I usually farm act II beginning with sewers & black canyons for nephalem valor(I usually get 5,sometimes 4 in very short time)then I go to Oasis & clear it then according to my mood I may o may not go to desolate sands(the dungeons are good but area itself is very large & slightly has a lack of monsters)
    sometimes I may even go to archives or sweeping winds

  8. When I’m farming keys on MP5, I find Act 1 to be the biggest bump to my experience bar. Although, I do enjoy the Writhing Deceiver/Serpent Magi packs in Act 2 Dalgur Oasis.

    However, Act 3 with my Demon Hunter on MP0 is still the most efficient for paragon levels……

  9. QUOTE

    I consistently do about the same thing. I farm for keys and while doing that, I hit key areas, I usually do this all on MP 5.
    Act 1: Festering Woods for stacks, FoM for key
    Act 2: Desolate Sands for stacks, Oasis for key
    Act 3: Keep levels are stacks, Stonefort  for key. 
    I've been pretty successful at following this pattern. It hasn't bored me yet, thank god :thumbup:

    This is my exact route as well except on MP6.

    Mixing it up keeps it from being boring. 70 more paragon levels to go!

  10. Just leave well enough alone. Yes, it’s a little annoying Alkaizer changed addresses to Act 1. Complaining about it will just get Act 1 nerfed, and add zero viable farming areas because fewer viable things = more viable things to the Blizzard (and GGG *trollface*) mentality.

  11. QUOTE

    Trees are the most overrated "hard" mob around. 

    I agree.

    How the hell do you morons not see the seed pods?

    As a monk, sweeping wind + combat range + bells reduces almost any chance I have of ever seeing them under me.

    However, you learn to anticpate them and the animation of him “planting” them.

  12. QUOTE

    Agree, but I've had better luck in ZK's archives than Desolate Sands. No Wasps, no invulnerable Lacuni leaping, much easier to bunch up/nuke Imps, and busting Ancient Tomes yields a lot more random gold than the bones out in the Sands.

    I tempest rush blitz through the sands right to Vault of the Ancients. Because Wasps suck.

    My act 2 path
    Shaittans cave (If he pops up)
    Vault of the Ancients
    Darghur oasis for Keywarden and forgotten something or other
    then Archives

    Hardest mobs in those is the poison elemental spitters. Moving out of it and killing from range (bells ftw here) helps with these bros.

  13. I am constantly rammed by those bulls and survive, so it’s just a matter of gearing right/choosing the right MP. I’ve noticed the new MP system has lead to a lot of people claiming they’re more bad ass than they really are, and when they start getting killed, make the claim that it’s somehow the game’s fault.

    And for the tree’s green stuff, well, I have a secret trick where when I’m standing in it, I’ll take notice of this fact, and then in order to avoid taking fatal damage, I move my mouse cursor to anywhere on the screen and click once or so, so that my character travels a few steps to a safer location where I am no longer at risk of losing all of my HP.

    • O wise and beneficent Gozer, thank you for sharing your ancient and valuable Sumerian wisdom with the teeming masses.

      Seriously, it does seem like a large portion of players have not figured this out. I play very little multiplayer, yet I see this nearly every time that I do. I get that sometimes the skill animations can obscure things, but by the time you’re into paragon levels you’ve fought a lot of trees… it’s not exactly a surprise what’s going to happen when they get close. It tests ones faith in the wisdom of humanity (and I have little enough faith in that as it is) that so many people just expect to stand still and faceroll EVERYTHING, no matter the situation. But the best part is when they die from it, and then do the exact same thing thirty seconds later. It’s actually kind of depressing to watch.

      At least with Act 2 wasps I can kind of get it. When there are 6 or more coming from different directions it can be hard to dodge through the resulting grid of mini-wasps. But at least try. For Gozer’s sake, try.

    • Rigt on point… If you cant survive a hit from the Savage beasts it means that you havent balanced offense and defense well enough…….
      And the trees go like.. “Im gonna hit you i a moment”. If you stay put and take the hit despite the warning… The your asking for it… No different than the beserkers… If the Club turns red you better stun the damn thing og get out of the way………

      That being said i always start with the Festering Woods. Small map with 2 caves.. Always 4 nv from it and sometimes 5… After that Fields and Weeping.. But most of act 1 is really enjoyable.. I like it so much that i have 14 act 1 keys and none from the other acts.. And the increased density is just sweet for a CM Wizard using Nova Deep freeze rune… Means the +15% crit is up almost constantly… Very nice

      • Reading these laments of the one-shot beasts makes me think *softcore problems.*

        From what I’ve seen in HC, most players don’t really worry about the beasts. I’ve done them up to MP5 in recent weeks and I’m a little cautious when I get a champ pack of them, but any single charge is never more than 30-40% of my hps, and I leech that back in a second since I’m almost always neck-deep in scavengers, goats, bats, etc, when the beast hits me. (Which is why it hits me, since I can’t really dodge at that point.)

        I sometimes use Serenity just to avoid the annoyance and brief delay from the knockback, but the damage isn’t really an issue when you’re running with 55k+ hps, good res, and a shield.

        So yeah, I guess the beasts are like almost every other difficulty in the game, a gear check. But not one that’s real hard to pass, unless you’re really going glass cannon style in softcore. (Which, admittedly, most people are.)

        • The problem is that gear-checks aren’t skill checks, by definition. There should be some gear-checks, b/c picking and choosing the right gear should matter, but not to the extent that it does in D3, or even worse, that it did in D2. Skill should matter more, however, but there aren’t a lot of good places for that to shine through. The only times where I felt like practice and skill really mattered are when I was running Diablo or Ubers undergeared. And even then, the enrage timers were a gear check so that skill couldn’t beat stuff w/o the right gear, as well. Using team tactics (pulling ZK far enough away from the Breaker, using snares and Teleport to harass Diablo long enough to rescue three dead meat-heads) felt like what most of the game should have been, instead of the Duriel-like gear cheese of most of the game. I will say that ZK, Belial, Diablo, and the Butcher are way more involved/skill oriented than anything in Diablo 2.

  14. oasis and aqueducts are best farm areas in a2. start your run in vault of the assassin for a quick 5 stack. or do black canyon mines + road to alcarnus for initial stacks.

    • I’ve done that one a few times in v1.08. End game so you get Vault of the Assassin as your opening portal, and you can stack up there very quickly and then plow through the Oasis. My complaint about that is it’s a fairly short game, since nothing else in Act 2 is really worth doing.

      I like the water dungeon and the tomb dungeon below the Oasis, and Desolate Sands can be pretty good, but the other desert surfaces aren’t crowded enough and wasps are annoying/slow, and the dungeons there aren’t dense enough, as they were in early PTR v1.08 testing. And you can’t do ZK’s levels or you won’t get your Vault of the Assassin portal waiting for you next game.

  15. I’d like to see if A3 is now worse than A2 and A1.
    I usually play on MP3 unless I intend to farm keys.
    A1: Woods, Manor, Fields (I do not find FoM particularly packed with mobs though…)
    A2: Sewers, Canyons, Alcarnus, Cistern, Oasis.
    A3: Alk + upper fort
    A4: duh

    I like Dalgur Oasis for the invisible packs and there are some nice mobs in some dungeons.

    • I’ve been surprised to see so many people complaining about the invisible snake packs. I mostly end up playing Dahlgur Oasis with my Gruesome Feast/Grave Injustice WD, and I absolutely love these things. I hit Spirit Walk right before they materialize, Soul Harvest right after, and then plow through everything fully engorged with Life and Mana, damage buffs maxed out. They may actually be my favorite thing in the game.

      In fairness, my DH hasn’t been there lately. I’m not sure how much Gloom and/or Guardian Turret would help out with that kind of onslaught. I guess I have something to try out tonight.

  16. I wish there was monster guesting in inferno. Or even just randomising them. Go play any zone you want.
    Go play any zone you fancy and see what interesting combinations of monsters spawn this time. I have no doubt some combinations would be painful, but wouldn’t those lead to the fun, memorable moments. Atm we just run the same zones, there is actually very little randomness in the popular runs.

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