Authenticator Now REQUIRED for RMAH Use

Blizzard updated their ToS for the Real Money Auction House, and they’re taking the security seriously, now that real money is involved.

In preparation for the upcoming launch of the real-money auction house, we will be making some key changes related to the account-security measures required to use Balance. Later today, the following updates will be made to the Terms of Use available on our website, and when the real-money auction house goes live, all players will be asked to re-read and accept these changes the next time they play Diablo III. Balance and Authenticator Update
With the introduction of the real-money auction house, account security will become more important than ever. To help ensure that players have a positive experience when using the real-money auction house, we’ve made some adjustments to how players can use and access their Balance.

Starting today, in order to add to your Balance, players will be required to have a Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator attached to their account. For clarity, this means you’ll need to have an Authenticator to add to your balance via Account Management or to send the proceeds of your real-money auction house sales to your Balance.

Please note that players who previously added Balance to their account prior to this change will be able to use it to make eligible purchases on and in the auction house without attaching an Authenticator. However, an Authenticator will be required to add to your balance in the future, as explained above.

While we understand that this creates an extra step for players during the login process, we believe this added layer of account protection will help foster a safer auction house environment for all of our players.

You can learn more about the Authenticator, Mobile Authenticator, and other account security information by clicking here.

The post and all the links go to EU, but it seems likely we’ll see similar requirements for US announced soon enough.

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59 thoughts on “Authenticator Now REQUIRED for RMAH Use

  1. I was going to be really shocked if one wasn’t required for RMAH with the problems people are having over just in game gold.

    • It was, though I’m not sure whether there was an official press release like this. It has been showing up on my account settings in for a while. There was a little orange icon at the top telling me I did not yet have an authenticator and either when you moused over that or somewhere on the account management page it mentioned that an authenticator would be needed if I wanted to use the RMAH when it was released. So yeah, old news for those that noticed.

    • I believe it was originally required to have more than like 200$ in your blizz account. But it wasn’t required just to use the RMAH.

  2. Authenticator required? I don’t see any problem. It is another measure of security and that it costs some money is completely reasonable. It is same as a bike. The cost of a new bike is also with lock included. Of course, you could probably want to buy without a lock, but why would you do that? You would run a higher risk of your bike being stolen than if you had lock. And come on, you can even get authenticator for free. Seriously, at some point almost everyone has smartphone, iPhone or iPad or whatever. Those who don’t are complete minority and are out of luck, since majority always wins over minority.

    • Mobile Authenticator for Android and iOS is free so there goes your it costs money theory right out the window. If you want to use the USB authenticator yeah that one costs a little money but there is a free option that works perfectly well.

      • Does it? Cause you know, some people, who don’t find the need to update what street they are in at the moment through their FB or twitter page don’t use “smart phones”. Any smart-ass reply to them? Please do cause you are f* full of yourself. Again I repeat, nothing “went out the window”.

        • Yeah. Because I never use my phone to compare prices when shopping, look up directions when I’m lost, see what time a movie starts, check traffic reports to avoid accidents at rush hour, check the weather forecast, compare gas prices, tether to my laptop, or anything else useful and constructive. I use my smartphone *explicitly* for Tweeting the name of the street I’m on.

  3. Definitely a good thing.

    I can imagine the s**t storm if an authenticator was not required.

  4. So i guess they’ll be sending me one free of charge with my proof-of-purchase for buying d3 correct? funny how that wasnt mentioned in the article.

  5. Youre not required to use the RMAH to play the game, so an authenticator isn’t required for general use. $6.50 is perfectly reasonable, especially with free shipping. Or get it for free on your phone.

  6. Btw the shipping is 10.50 to Canada not 13. At least to western Canada. Its worth it to keep account safe for and any future Bnet games

    • Authenticator will cost money becase they have 6.5 milions of players, they want more money, if they can sell more poitless things they will do that..

      I So tried on blizzard, they dont make any good games anymore, just “Copycats of WoW and call it Diablo3 hahahah LOL

  7. So, unless I’m reading it wrong, it sounds like you could still cash out to paypal even without an authenticator. Is that correct?

    • Yeah, it looks like the title of the article is misleading. The blue post says “required to use Balance” specifically.

    • I think so but not sure, only an idiot would play diablo 3 without an authenticator, there are plenty of piece of s*it hackers out there trying to steal everything you have and sell it.

      Just get yourself one, 10 euros and a hack proof account is yours. :mrgreen:

    • Fail to see the issue – no one forces you to get one. The price they ask is only to cover production cost, nothing else.
      In the long run, look at it this way: What is $10 compared to losing hundreds, if not thousands, of hours worth of effort to equip characters?

      • You, dear sir, missed the question. Yes you GOT to pay something, I don’t care if they name their whores tax, which it might as well be for all we know, who cares, the fact, and I tried to shock you out of you fucking self-rightiousness (sp), to see that point?

        The original author was right. You got to pay for some gadget if you want to, well PAY MORE. Ain’t that what it boils down to? I mean comeone, use the data what we got. It’s getting a fucking insane a game that is, by it’s quality, subpar, costing something like 70+ euros (in case you want to use RMAH), and it the cost will fucking rise to over 100 euros (!!!!) when they finally “finish” PvP. I mean doesn’t it seem like a f* SCAM to you all? I liked the idea that someone expressed a few months ago, that PEOPLE MAKE GAMES. Yes, not companies, people. D3 has no relationship to D2 team except that those F*s copy/pasted all the monsters from the original…

        • Pretty sure I didn’t have to pay a thing for my authenticator seeing as I have a smart phone. Whine all you like but if this wasn’t mandatory and people lost real money when they got hacked Blizzard would be facing a shitstorm that isn’t their fault.

  8. Well, I wasn’t really planning on using the RMAH anyway. Hopefully it doesn’t become the only way to buy good items, and if so hopefully I can just use my phone.

  9. I think the best thing is that as bot accounts get banned or whatever, they have to buy new authenticators.

  10. It seems to me that the jackasses at Blizzard could and should have included an authenticator with the physical copy of the game.

    Not only does the average person pay for the price of the game but if he/she doesn’t have a smartphone, they have to up a few more bucks to be able to access a feature of the game. Brilliant.

    • Think of it like an insurance policy. When you bought a new car or house, it doesn’t come with insurance either. Do you blame it on the dealer??

      • I mean you guys do make fun of yourselves comparing apples with oranges, ain’t you? By not buying insurance the guy is simply saying “I hope the luck will be with me”. If he loses his house to fire, then it’s his loss. If he succeeds to old age without any accident, then it’s his win, and not only emotionaly, but also financialy, probably that might have saved him tens of thousands of dollars.

        Can we make a similar choice here? No.

        I mean it’s just hard to tell if people really don’t understand or are they trolling. For the first case that’s NP, let yourself be educated, but for the latter.

        • I don’t know where you live but here in the US you MUST HAVE insurance to legally drive your car. It’s a pretty appropriate analogy, actually.

  11. lmao not only they’ll cash in on the RMAH fees, they’ll also cash in from people without a mobile device being forced to buy one. way to go. hey who wants to bet on Actiblizzard taking the “worst company in America” award from EA next year?

  12. haha this is so hilarious! A half-finished product costing 60 euros minimum if you buy with no box, which you finish in 3 days, 1 of which is spent trying to connect to this single player game; then you got to buy some gadget to fully experience something that was advertised to be ‘in-game’ feature. And yes this is all reasonable to let people be aware of extra charges after they purchased the game. /sarcasm

    P.S. HC player, so I am not in any direct affect from this change, cause it seemed HC ain’t worth effort to put some ground ‘no refund’ rules in the first place. So what the hell. Though I admit that would’ve kept me interested in the game 1 week after it’s launch, because at least I could make money brainlessly bashing 4 keys + mouse.

    P.S.2. As long time player of D2, I can only assume those rating giving this p o s 7+ are doing so for nostalgic reasons. It’s not worth even 5 at this point: half features are down, you got to pay to be able to pay to get some gear. If that last sentence didn’t make you stop and think “wait a minute..”, then OK, but I believe everyone should’ve felt it by this point definetly. FAIL of the century (almost literally).

    • Or, you could just hunt for items in-game to get better gear. Like you had to in the previous games.

  13. Good call…. but I still think they should have added one in the Box. I mean common, people payed 60$ for this. 60$ is the monthly income of people in some countries.

    • So you suggest should have added $6.50 on the box price and made everyone with a smart phone pay for an authenticator that they do not need? Or do you suggest they should have lowered the profit from each box by $6.50? That’s unreasonable to ask from a company when the need of an authenticator comes to 99% from failings on the user end.

  14. And just a reminder: it’s not like you are bashing the franchise by saying current game SUCKS ASS, you just saying that about the mastermind behind. Yes, the guys who take “lead” roles. A fucking programmer can and will do anything (in the sense “wow this sucks but I was instructed to implement this p o s mechanics). It’s not about lack of skill anymore, at this huge of a corporation level, but it’s the lack of good DIRECTING.

    I mean I’ve seen quite a few leads interviewed. Well when the host beats the guest (that is again a lead artist or something else in “lead”), then you gotta stop and think, do I really want to spend my dollars on this guys villa?

    For instance, I can guarantee you that, if elder scrolls MMO launches this year, it will be a major fail. You just see. It’s so easy to spot when main leads got out of answers at 5 min interview mark, and have only one argument to excite possible players “it’s going to be great”, when we see some 5 years old crap like WoW (Well it wasn’t crap then, mind you!).

    I mean it’s so obvious when some smart-ass lead or marketing guy tries to seel you shit. But people buy it, as I am sure the stupids buy hundreds of thousands of stupid “training devices” via “tv shop”.

    Then of course happens the normal thing: all sheeps try to justify why they had to pay the price of a brand new console with a game for this p o s. And the thinking man finally comes to conclusion, “WTF, this ain’t what I was promised”.

    • Your comments brighten my day. You’re like that crazy uncle at family reunions that sits in the corner and talks about commies. Nothing you say makes sense, and no one’s making eye contact, so you just grumble louder about crazier stuff. Never change, my friend!

  15. Is it required for RMAH use or only for battlenet balance?
    That is, can I sell stuff on RMAH and then send $ to paypal without Authenticator ?

  16. Before the launch : “You can make a lot of money by selling gear in the RMAH, yeah, yeah!”

    After the launch : “Oh sorry we forgot to say you that you have to buy one of our fantastic authenticator for 10$ to use the RMAH…”

    Thanks Blizzard

    • It costs them 6.50 to manufacture it, and they sell it for 6.50. Moreover, the mobile version is free. The only profit Blizzard makes is saving on support costs when your account doesn’t get compromised.

  17. Why are people whining about the authenticator price? The $6.50 for the physical (at cost) is great if you want one and don’t have a smart phone. Banks do not give you a free one (my dad’s company uses one for their main accounts, at $35). I use the mobile one though, got it after the adobe vulnerability thing two years ago.

    Blizzard does not owe you a free device. Would you like to pay $70 for D3 and have one in the box? Because that’s what would happen. Blizzard and activision are companies, and while not every one at Blizzard (like developers) are out for your cash, but they would have to make up for that loss.

    Side note: Warcraft 3 cost $60 when it first released. I still have my box with the big ugly best buy price on it.

    • Blizzard force you to buy one or buy smart phone and pay for Internet connection to use game future.

      • Blizzard isn’t forcing anything that is not unreasonable. You don’t HAVE to use the RMAH, it’s just one of many features of the game.

        The internet connection thing is redundant at this point. Besides the first few days, I have not had one ounce of uninterrupted service from Blizzard’s side. If the internet goes down, its my ISP of my fault. Obvious troll is obvious.

  18. Hopefully this will hurt the number of people who were planning on using the RMAH. I’m pretty sure the RMAH will kill the game when it goes online anyway. The GAH will either become useless, or everything will become (more) ridiculously overpriced. People already selling drops for millions of gold, so much greed in this game. I never sell anything that drops for more than 50,000 gold, even legendaries. Crafted and Gems I can see as being expensive because the player has to invest a lot of gold into making those items, so it’s fair that make back the gold it cost to make them, but drops are ‘free’.

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