Authenticator Enabled for Diablo 3 Beta

With DiabloWikiPatch 15 Blizzard has now enabled The Authenticator when you login. This is to test the system but it will stop people that rent out their Beta Accounts or share accounts if an authenticator has been activated. You don’t have to rush out and buy one now or use the free mobile authenticator, it only applies if you have activated one.

When the game is out on May 15 I suggest you do use one, either the dongle or the mobile authenticator to protect your account. Balance.

As of Beta Patch 15, Authenticators have been enabled for the Diablo III beta test. If you have a Blizzard Authenticator attached to your account, you will be prompted to enter an authentication code when logging into the beta client.

Please note that, after your first successful login with an Authenticator, you may not always receive an authenticator prompt when logging into the game. Not to worry! This is an intended convenience feature and doesn’t represent a risk to your security. If you’re logging in consistently from the same location, you may not be prompted for an authenticator code.

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    14 thoughts on “Authenticator Enabled for Diablo 3 Beta

    1. Personally, I’d suggest getting an authenticator, especially if you’re going to be linking your account with a PayPal account.

      • I use the mobile authenticator ever since someone mysteriously started playing on my WoW account after I had quit for years. It isn’t as invasive as you might think. In fact, I’ve only ever had to put in the code once because it keeps track of IP. Even without a static IP it hasn’t asked me since, so don’t worry about having to get a call and type something in every time.

      • Agreed.

        I posted this in another thread, but it may be worth sharing my grief to help a few of you make a decision – my wife’s account was hacked in 2008 (in a Blizzard game that shall remain anonymous), the toon was stripped and the entire guild vault EMPTIED.  Blizzard restored my char and the entire vault in about 12 hours which was awesome, but being hacked sucked – completely helpless until the CM worked the magic. The security compromise was from a key logger that piggybacked on a mod using Curse client.

        Anyway, Bloat is 100% correct and I see this being a major target for RM farming with the RMAH. The mobile auth app doesn’t even cost $$$ if you have a smart phone.

    2. There is also an option in prefs to disable the “convenience” feature above and require the authentication code with *every* login.

    3. So the question now is… when can we buy Diablo themed authenticator dongles? I’ve been waiting to get an authenticator… and it must have the Lord of Terror on it!

    4. Pretty much how I feel. Guess I’ll have t wait til 15 May to play again. #checkscalendar

    5. Yeah…thanks Blizz.  There goes about 25% of the beta population now lol.  Oh, BTW I didn’t buy beta access I was on my friends account.  Good bye 2 months of D3.  Just freaking great…

    6. Looks like no more sharing of my beta.   At least I got to hand it around to more than a few people. 

    7. Sucks for anyone who was using someone else’s account.  I’ve used the mobile phone one and now I have the keychain.  It’s not too bad, I just leave it right by my keyboard.  IMO You will definitely want one now since real money is involved.  Prob wait for the D3 skinned one though, it’s $6.50 to ship from

    8. the authenticator fob is not a dongle.  A dongle is a device that’s physically plugged into the computer through a printer or USB port.  Google it.

      • This is true. However this post is 143% more fun to read b/c of the word dongle. Dongle dongle dongle 

    9. F***!
      This totally kills my Beta renting scheme I had going.
      Grand Total: $507 since November just from renting.

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