In the past 24 hours players in New Zealand and Australia have been experiencing something rather unusual, low latency. Previously players would experience around a 100+ – 200+ ping to the North American  servers but today that ping has dropped to around 60. Reader Frantic sent over a quick email to tell us what’s been happening:

    The oddest thing is, is that we’re still connected to the Americas with an American friends list. I was still talking to someone on an Oceanic WoW server (which is located in America) while I had a 30 ping in Sydney. So there’s something really weird going on.

    There’s been no official comment on this from Blizzard but it’s certainly looking like the Oceanic region are getting Australian based Diablo 3 servers in time for the Reaper of Souls launch. This is fantastic news for players in the region and it will make a massive difference to their gameplay experience. Well done Blizzard.

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