Blizzard has updated their Events Page to state that the D3 demo they’ll be showing off at the Warcraft 3 tournament in Austin, Texas, later this month, will be the same demo from last year’s Blizzcon. There’s a different page than the one we posted news about yesterday, that makes this unfortunate fact quite clear. The updated quote:

    In addition to watching world-class professional gamers compete in live matches, attendees will also be able to have some hands-on fun in the free-play gaming area.  Visitors will get to play StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta test, and the Diablo III demo seen at BlizzCon 2009.

    Bashiok commented on this, confirming that it will be last years’ demo, with the Act 2 desert setting.

    Of note “and the Diablo III demo seen at BlizzCon 2009.” Which really shouldn’t dissuade anyone if they’re in the area, it’s obviously worth playing even if you have before (IMO). I managed to clear the entire demo and it took about an hour and a half, so there’s plenty to explore. That said I’m sure you won’t be allowed to sit on the machines for that long in one sitting.

    I haven’t been to a Warcraft regional since 2007 (I think), when it was in San Diego. It wasn’t super packed or anything, but a fun time and good matches. I’m not sure any more details on this event beyond what’s on the website. What specific questions do you have? I can try to find answers.

    Are you sure it’s the exact same demo?

    Bashiok: Quite sure.

    We are still waiting to hear if the Gamescom demo will be a new one, or if they’ll drag out last year’s again. We were assuming it would be new, but this event in Austin takes place after Gamescom, which makes it seem likely that both events will feature last year’s demo, and that we’ll have to wait for Blizzcon to see new areas/monsters/spells/etc. Let’s hope for some new screenshots, at least?

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