AUS/NZ More Keys Next Week

Blizzard (AUS/NZ) have issued the first wave of 33 beta keys (if 33 can be considered a ‘wave’) so if your account is not yet flagged I’m sorry, but not this time. The good news is another 33 will be going out next week after Xmas, so who knows, maybe a late prezzie from Santa. If you’re in either of those countries and haven’t entered the competition it is still open for entries, so what are you waiting for?

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    22 thoughts on “AUS/NZ More Keys Next Week

    1. I got one of those keys but I’m finding the server lag is making it impossible to play today. Constant disconnects. Yesterday I managed to play it all the way through (probably while the US slept) but even then there was abit of lag where my character would sometimes jump back while walking.

          • Whats your latency range & hows your internet where you play like?

            I’m curious as i’m from NZ to 🙂 . And latency/connection issues & lag reports are valuable to me.

            • Hard to give a good latency range because I haven’t had a completely lag free experience yet. On average so far the d3 latency is between 200-250msec. But just now I quit because it ramped over 1000msec. Have lent my account to 2 close friends and same problem. I will wait about a week before I report anything though because this would definitely make it impossible for nz to play.

            • To make matters worse, they aren’t making an oceanic server for nz/aus. We’re screwed (google diablo 3 oceanic server. Top link)

    2. You were one of the 33 people?  Wow, congrats but a pity about the lag. Hopefully with you guys testing it now they’ll have chance to address the lag because you can’t be expected to play well only when the US is asleep.  Shift gaming:)

    3. So sad that I live in Victoria, and therefore am not eligible for this contest :(.

      I heard from one of the earlier beta reports that there was supposedly no lag even when playing in Australia, so it’s disappointing to hear that there’s still lag. That can be a real game-killer when playing with friends in the USA.

    4. I didn’t even bother with this one, because I’d have to sign up to twitter for it (eh?) and they ask us to tell them what we’re going to do in the week *before* Diablo 3 is released. Well I can’t possibly tell you that unless you tell me the release date. Also only 100 keys makes it seem like a waste of time.

    5. I got one of the keys too but haven’t been able to create a BattleTag that meets the requirements. I’ve tried almost 20 different ones and haven’t been able to find any way around it.

      So close but so far 😥

    6. I’m happy to confirm I was one of the winners for this ANZ/NZ Blizz comp. I was so excited when I received the email congratulating me, and went right into installing and playing… oh yeah…

      Being a massive Diablo fan, I’m pleased that this game so far meets my expectations and more! ?

      Also on a side note, I live in QLD! and I was told that this comp excludes both QLD and VIC states?! someone explain that?!  O_O

    7. I am from Vic, but I have beta. I rented from JSP. I don’t get lag unless they are screwing with servers. Constant 200 ping with single player Diablo 2 type lag. It’s pretty good. Yeah only lags when they are screwing with patches.

    8. I also did not win. Would have liked to have seen them post up the ones they chose as the winning entries.

    9. Yeah it’s crap. I’m in Australia and the game played smoothly until patch 8. The game is totally unplayable for me now. I get constant rubberbanding / stuttering.

    10. I recently watched a new video of patch 8 from a guy in South Africa with 350 ping who was also rubber banding and stuttering a lot more than usual.

    11. How many keys have gone out so far? The most peeps I’ve seen in game at one time is around 250. When that counter works that is.

    12. just wondering if the game is only online will we have to pay for sure to play it or will there be a single player also online for which we dont have to pay ❓  excuse my english  :mrgreen:

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