AusGamers Hands-On with the Beta Build

We saw a bunch of hands-on reports early last week, plus the masterpiece that was JudgeHype’s mega-report, but since we can always use more first person accounts of playing Diablo III, it’s nice to see a better-late-than-never hands-on reports pop up at AusGamers.

The report isn’t exactly extensive, but there are some good bits about the DiabloWikiBarbarian (the only class the writer played to any extent), and the early quests. Here’s a quote, and as usual, thanks to fmulder and his preternatural ability to spot new D3 stuffs the instant they go online. (Once in a while, when I find some obscure D3 news thing that fmulder hasn’t posted yet, I send him a taunting PM. Happily, he’s man enough not to reciprocate.)

Heavy, hulking and powerful, the Barbarian moves with deliberation and purpose. His shoulders seesaw with each step, as if ready to shoulder barge anyone or anything that might get in his way. From the outset of our demo, we were charged with seeking out DiabloWikiDeckard Cain’s adopted niece, DiabloWikiLeah, who acts as a sort of bridge between everything Cain has learnt since the first game and now (which we’re also assuming will help newcomers come to grips with the series’ complex and deep lore). But before we can find her within the city walls of DiabloWikiNew Tristram, we must help the city’s soldiers fend off hordes of attacking undead, brought to life by a “Fallen Star”, the catalyst for what will invariably be the long Diablo III journey ahead.

The DiabloWikiBarbarian, as was described to us by DiabloWikiRob Pardo, is a warrior “looking for a foe worthy of his blade”. Death doesn’t scare him, rather, he invites it at every turn, provided it’s an honourable, hard-fought one. But in saying that, death won’t find him quickly thanks to his tenacious attitude and abundantly powerful skillset.

Speaking of the Barbarian, no one at Blizzard has given a direct comment on it in many months, but it seems that their original idea, that the male Barbarian would be the same individual who was (one of the) heroes of Diablo II, has been scrapped. And now the D3 male Barb is just a Barbarian who is twenty-years older than the usual twenty-something heroes of such games. Why? Why not. Where was he twenty years ago when all the Barbarians were defending their homeland from Baal’s armies?

Good question…

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    16 thoughts on “AusGamers Hands-On with the Beta Build

    1. On top of all this, you can also perform parries with a well-timed mouse-click, which of course opens your enemies up to a pretty good bludgeoning, which when performed properly felt really satisfying.



      • the only thing i can relate this idea too (considering my limited game experience) would be ninja gaiden on x-box. when an enemy swings at you, you can hold down the block button and block mostly everything. but, if you hit block at the last possible second, you block and then do an auto-counter attack move, which was pretty neat. not sure how that will work against a big mob.

      • Sounds like BS to me from a general gaming media “author”.
        Pretty sure they wouldn’t mentioned something like this by now, or someone would’ve, y’know, noticed. Doesn’t even make sense in a game like this.

      • Could be talking about the Revenge skill? But I’d have thought that’d be too high level for the demo?
        Maybe he just got a hit in very quickly after being hit and misinterpreted it.

    2. “Where was he twenty years ago when all the Barbarians were defending their homeland from Baal’s armies?”
      he was one of the many I ignored and who fell injured on the Bloody Foothills

      • It doesn’t seem that hard even to make him the same barbarian.

        They would both be old by now…

        What’s next… the female barb is Charsi? lolol.

    3. If they can’t make him the same Barbarian, then they should make him younger, to fit the rest of the youthful classes. He stands out like a sore thumb. I know they are not going to do that, so in my head, I will just ignore they changed anything and continue assuming he is the same barbarian, so I feel better. : )

      • Some of us older dudes want an older class!
        I agree about pretending he is the same Barbarian though!

    4. Just another change….. I’m just going to ignore the changes till the game comes, hopefully its for a decent reason. But in any case if they don’t give a beta by end of this month I will riot at there HQ! :p

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