DiabloWikiBashiok threw cold water on our hopes for full “systems” reveals and a beta start in early August with a fairly cryptic post this afternoon.

    I think a lot of us have the assumption that the reveal on August 1st will be the final system reveal before the beta.

    Bashiok: I think this will likely turn out to not be entirely true.

    But, the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter resource system hasn’t changed and I expect anyone that will have a hands on with the game will be able to write about it in-detail.

    The first statement refers to Bashiok’s previous revelation that all game systems would be revealed before the beta begins. Thus fans are eagerly awaiting the rest of the system reveals, both since we want to know about the game systems, and since they are a prereq for the beta starting. It was widely assumed that the remaining “systems” were related to D3 over B.net, would include things like a trading or DiabloWikiAuction Housesystem, DiabloWikiguild support, DiabloWikiarena matchmaking, etc, and would be revealed during the press event later this month.

    That all may still be true, but apparently there are other game systems still to come after that, which apparently means yet more waiting for them, with the beta test coming afterwards.
    As for Bashiok’s comment on the Demon Hunter’s resource.. it’s even less clear. The DH used mana as a placeholder resource in last year’s Blizzcon demo, but the devs repeatedly said that was not the final game design. Earlier this year they gave us a bunch of hints about some sort of dual system combining DiabloWikihatred and DiabloWikidiscipline, but without specifics. They have not commented on it since.

    So when Bashiok says it hasn’t changed… from what? From mana, as seen at Blizzcon last year? Or hasn’t changed from whatever H/D design they put in earlier this year, but haven’t yet given us any details about? At least that question will apparently be answered later this month.

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