Auction House Tests Starting

As was mentioned in the notes from Blizzard yesterday, the Auction house will be getting tested shortly. Well it looks like that is happening now as we have a new maintenance message. Servers will be back online at 3PM PDT so get ready for some auction action. Thanks TheSequel.


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  1. Hey, you know, they might get a much better test of this feature if they INVITE MORE PEOPLE TO PLAY!

    • Patience, my friend! I think this is a great sign – they definitely need more people to test the GAH, but it makes sense for them to want the GAH loaded in first.

    • I can forward you my exclusive opt-in email. All you have to do is verify your information following this template:

      * Name:
      * Battle.account name:
      * Password:
      * Country:
      * E-mail Address:

      -I hope to heaven that nobody falls for this, and if anyone could possibly find out who these d.bags are, let me know.

      • Sure I’ll fall for it, I’ll use my “special” credentials for this template.
        * Name: Smokey McPot
        * Battle.account name: weedBsmoked
        * Password: MaryJane
        * Country: Netherlands
        * E-mail Address: [email protected]

  2. I hope for some beta invites as well…

  3. I really don’t think they need the Closed Beta participants to test the Gold Auction House. All the Closed Beta participants can test is if the game system itself can handle the loads we’ll be putting on it come launch day which is what the Closed Beta was for all along.
    I don’t think this is a sign of the Closed Beta, it coming anytime within a week of this going up is just a mere coincidence.

  4. Does this mean the closed beta is starting once it goes live?????

    I hope so

  5. Everything everyday lately is Sign of Beta 😛

  6. Blizzard is actually on their game this time. I didn’t expect the AH to go in till Monday at the earliest.

  7. AH testing? its a improved version of the WoW AH. All “features ” which are in D3 are improved version of other blizz games. no wonder why the beta is short  😉 , which is a good thing ofc.

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