The DiabloWikiAuction House is the hot topic of the day, with everyone offering their opinions on the sales, searches, and especially the RMT aspect of it. But what of the visuals? We’ve got a new image gallery folder just for pics of the AH! Can’t we just appreciate it for the pretty interface, though? (Perhaps not.)

    There were seven images of the Auction House provided in the press kit. None of them are exactly ripping action shots, but five of them are quite informative with full screen views of the interface, item price listing, search options, and more. Click through to see them full legible size. I’m just doing text links, since they’re indistinguishable at thumbnail size.

    Informative though those pictures are, they aren’t actually worth one thousands words each. And even if they were, there’s been already been enough written about the Auction House to well outweigh that. Here are some of the better news articles about the AH from around the web.

    Most of the comments I’ve seen from you guys so far are about the RMT aspect. Condemning RMT in concept, especially in D3, or sometimes defending it. Or at least arguing that it won’t be that bad in D3.

    Is that all anyone’s thinking about the auction house, though? I’m unlikely to ever buy anything for RMT (I would happily pawn surplus l3wtz for $$, but I’m planning to play DiabloWikiHardcore, so that won’t be an option.), but I think the whole feature is pretty cool, on the whole. I often wanted to trade in D2 but hardly ever bothered to try, since spamming in the channels or hoping someone would have something i wanted in a trade game was a FAIL that wasn’t worth the trouble. The ability to easily and quickly find (more or less) exactly what I’m looking for seems pretty nifty.

    In theory, at least… Might it result in unintended consequences, though? Mudflation? Oversaturation? Devaluation?

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