Auction House Info and Images

Auction House Info and Images

The DiabloWikiAuction House is the hot topic of the day, with everyone offering their opinions on the sales, searches, and especially the RMT aspect of it. But what of the visuals? We’ve got a new image gallery folder just for pics of the AH! Can’t we just appreciate it for the pretty interface, though? (Perhaps not.)

There were seven images of the Auction House provided in the press kit. None of them are exactly ripping action shots, but five of them are quite informative with full screen views of the interface, item price listing, search options, and more. Click through to see them full legible size. I’m just doing text links, since they’re indistinguishable at thumbnail size.

Informative though those pictures are, they aren’t actually worth one thousands words each. And even if they were, there’s been already been enough written about the Auction House to well outweigh that. Here are some of the better news articles about the AH from around the web.

Most of the comments I’ve seen from you guys so far are about the RMT aspect. Condemning RMT in concept, especially in D3, or sometimes defending it. Or at least arguing that it won’t be that bad in D3.

Is that all anyone’s thinking about the auction house, though? I’m unlikely to ever buy anything for RMT (I would happily pawn surplus l3wtz for $$, but I’m planning to play DiabloWikiHardcore, so that won’t be an option.), but I think the whole feature is pretty cool, on the whole. I often wanted to trade in D2 but hardly ever bothered to try, since spamming in the channels or hoping someone would have something i wanted in a trade game was a FAIL that wasn’t worth the trouble. The ability to easily and quickly find (more or less) exactly what I’m looking for seems pretty nifty.

In theory, at least… Might it result in unintended consequences, though? Mudflation? Oversaturation? Devaluation?

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23 thoughts on “Auction House Info and Images

  1. I’m truly excited by this new type of Auction House !.. I’m sure peoples will love it !

  2. Hey Flux, I’m not sure if you have noticed but there is official information about incomming beta in main blizzard site (faq etc).

    • Thanks, posting about that shortly. And adding more FAQs and such, that we had, just couldn’t get up with the site outage all night.

  3. Real money trade are noting new. Everyone knew that Blilzzard was behind all the D2 online store. Don’t fool yourself, Blizzard did get his cut of that racket. Now they simply want more.

    By the way, the captcha suck. It is not obfuscated at all.

  4. Real money trade are noting new. Everyone knew that Blilzzard was behind all the D2 online store. Don’t fool yourself, Blizzard did get his cut of that racket. Now they simply want more.

  5. I am not up in arms over the new RMT system, nor am I appalled by the changes.  I won’t be using the RMT purchase system.  I’m more of a “purist” when it comes to El Diablo.  Let’s find them the good old fashioned way. Worst case, I’ll trade items with friends or buy with gold, not flash my Visa card at the game and solve my problems.  The concern I do have is over the server distribution.  Notably the Gold Farmer outfits come from the Eastern Asia.  I worry about over-saturation of the market in the event I do want to buy something with gold.  Will the RMT supersede the gold-based AH to the point that it is a dried up economy.  Since Blue said that the AHs will be region specific (due to currency restrictions and FX), will these gold farmers be relegated to the Asian servers???  Or will they be allow to migrate over to the North American servers and flood our economy with 24/7 farmed items??? What type of controls will be in place so that you can only play Diablo with people from your country, continent, etc.????!?!?!?!??!!?

  6. If Hardcore mode can disallow an RMT Auction House, then there should be a Softcore mode that does not allow an RMT Auction House.  Why should people have to endure permanent death to avoid playing with people that want to buy their way to success?

  7. Also, this new comment system is fail. See the double post above. It should be clear that the post is succesful. eg: Say something about it instead of just clearing the comment input box.

  8. I couldn’t care less about the AH… if anything I think it’s a good change – it’s gonna happen anyway, this just avoids punishing players that don’t want to break the rules.
    The things that worry me more are the arena (not the HC – that I’m on board with, but the change to a DM style). I really hope they have the old mode as well.
    And, of course, the skill-points/respecs. Hard to say on this ’til we hear more about it, but it sounds dreadful.

  9. Hey flux, just wanted to ask… is there any sign of the intros for the characters or the cinematic thing that you guys talked about in the podcast?

  10. There are some new interviews posted on gamespot about diablo 3 Flux , nothing really new , atleast i didn’t really notice something that i didn’t find here , but they work good as a description for the auction house etc i think , here they are
    :1.Story interview–interview-boyarsky?tag=updates%3Beditor%3Ball%3Btitle%3B1
    2.Auction house–the-cash-money-auction-house-interview?tag=related_video%3Btitle%3B1
    3.Overview of most of the features (like runes , auction house , traits , crafting , etc…)

  11. What I don’t get is that they made such a big fuss about wanting gold to have value and creating a successful gold economy.  If there is not a mode without RMT then gold is going to end up being completely useless.  Even if you refuse to “buy in” to purchase an item with actual money, there is absolutely no reason (except boring gold sinks) to sell an item on the AH for game gold and then you can just do RMT with money you gained from selling your own items on the RM AH.

  12. Now Blizzard wants to reward all the players who were/would illegally buy items and gold in the first place.  “Are you one of those gamers who just don’t like the rules?  Do you think its not fair that people who actually put in effort into a game are the ones who should reap the most benefits?  Would you go against our policy to buy your way to cheap success?  GREAT!  Come play Diablo 3!  This game is just for YOU!”

    And don’t give me that “Blizzard is just taking control of a serious problem and are trying to help the community” bullshit. Blizzard is doing this for the money. And if Blizzard has the capability to prevent hacks and bots in Diablo 3, which they have repeatedly stated it is their full intention to do so, then why the fuck do they need a real money Auction House in the first place? There will be third party illegal shit going on in this game regardless of what Blizzard does, just like any other game.

    • i don’t really think that RMT will ruin the game , after all , will you spend 10€ or 10$ or something like that while you can have fun searching for good gear? or will you just buy some epic gear so you can … well , i don’t know what you’ll do next , cause i don’t know what end game will be like . the point is i think that the real fans wontt bother using the RMT , atleast i won’t , the only thing i’ll probably use it for is to sell some high end gear i found to make some money or something. But what RMT is good for is for people who don’t want to search for gear (casual players) 😀  and just wnt to buy it straight away .

    • Bullshit .. if they wanted to do it for money .. they would sell the items themselves not just allow player-to-player trade and get a small cut for the transaction service (money transaction isn’t free) .. if the sold the items themselves they would have gained X10 more money .. so accusing them of greed is pretty silly.

      • True in theory, but in actuality? That’s like saying if Bliz really wanted money, they’d charge $100/month for WoW.  Yes, that would be more money, but since 99% of players would quit, it wouldn’t exactly pay off long run. So sure, Blizzard could open a full on item cash shop in D3, but if that caused far fewer players to buy the game… step 3 would not be profit. They’ll make more money taking a small % of a billion transactions than they would taking 100% of a few thousand transactions. Not to mention more game sales from not alienating their market.

    • I can’t say I have a problem with the AH RMT. As we all know that this would be happening via e-bay within an hour of the game going live.  Now at least blizz is getting a cut, helping to keep the servers F2P for the rest of use.

      As to farmers no sane gameing company would have anything to do with them without declaring an interest (failing to do so would be fatal to there reputation), every time someone has figured a way to stop them they have found a way round it. This isnt going to cure the problem true, or make it worst tbh, but atleast Blizz can keep a track on whos selling way to much to be honest.

  13. Diablo 3 got Activisioned…
    Instead of a game revolving around fun and collecting gear, it now changed to a ‘who has the most money to spend game’.
    To the people who defend this Real money AH, think about what diablo was all about. Now think about it how these plans will affect this…

    And for the often used argument that this also happened in diablo 2 via d2jsp, that’s a crap argument and you know it.
    I mean, dealing hard drugs in real life also happens but you don’t see any governement legalising and participating in it.

  14. its nothing about that. blizzard are clearly trying to fix somethin that was a problem with d2 and as far as i can see its probably gonna work. im not defending the real money thing but im defending the fact blizzard cant stop somethin like this happening unless they remove trading completely which we all know how fans would react, so why not just monitor it themselves. it makes perfect sense to me. yeah it might have some issues but most games with trading do. if your so bothered simply dont trade and play the game like i did on D2 and get your own gear. theres far more important things to be looking at like the removal of skill points…..

  15. Seriously, why defend it?   And for the often used argument that this also happened in diablo 2 via d2jsp, that’s a crap argument and you know it. I mean, dealing hard drugs in real life also happens but you don’t see any governement legalising and participating in it. Another anology is that the governement has legalised hitmans. I mean, it happens and the governement can’t do anything about it so according to that logic, the governement should also have hitmans for hire… See how crap that argument is?

    • theres nothing about defending it. im defending blizzards choice to implement their own system, based on the fact it will always occur where trading is used. are you trying to say that they should get rid of trading all together?. if they did that they would lose alot of fans who traded on diablo 2.
      i dont get how you think this system will impact on people who want to play the game to simply play the game?

    • Ahm .. actually some governments are legalizing drugs as a way to fight criminal drug distribution like Venezuela .. it happens (not that i am condoning it or anything .. just saying).

      Besides comparing drugs and hit-men with selling virtual items (and they aren’t even selling them themselves) is pretty stupid like comparing carrots with strawberry .. and the argument that it happened in D2 isn’t crap .. you can’t just get away by calling an argument “crap” without justifying that .. becasue THAT IS crap .. yeah .. what you are doing … it happened in D2 and there were tons of duped items and even entire account being sold for real money all over the 3rd party sites … and Blizz can’t do anything to stop it whatsoever …. so it is better to provide a legal, safe and controlled medium for those who want to trade real items with other players for real money.

      Heck .. nobody can stop two players in the game from exchanging items then meeting in real life and exchanging real-life money to complete the trade … there is nothing inherently wrong or illegal about that (which is what Blizz allows) … better than some chinese farmers scamming people or some hacker stealing their card info …. some people wanted this type of transaction (and they did it in D2) and Blizz allowed it for them .. there is no reason to go all bananas on them 8)

  16. Is it just me, or did anyone else notice with the most recent screen shots you can sell your characters as well for real $$$ ?!?!  LOL.

    But as a few have said above, I would be one of the sellers, not buyers. If it’s a way for blizzard to make money and GUARANTEE us they will NEVER charge a monthly fee to play or buy other in-game updates and shit (expansions aside of course) I guess I’ll have to accept it.

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