Action update from the Blizzard tech support team:

    I wanted to post this right away to let you know that Blizzard has resolved an issue with our auction house transaction e-mails. For the past few days, players were receiving e-mails stating that they were being charged auction house fees twice. All new e-mails you receive from Blizzard regarding items you sell on the auction house will now correctly list out the fees and total earnings.

    After completing our full investigation, we have confirmed that there was never a problem with the real money auction house itself. Players were not charged incorrect fee amounts. Players will receive the correct amount of money when their payments clear, which in some cases should be a little more than the e-mails sent between 10/22 and 10/24 say.

    Here’s where I usually insert some pithy comment, but this time… eh. I guess email notifications are useful. If you’re into that sort of DiabloWikiAuction House stuff. Easier than checking all of your auctions every day and trying to remember which ones sold or not.

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