Auction House Currently Broken

Several fans have reported that the Gold Auction House is broken this evening. On the forums there’s a seven page thread full of, “I bought and it said transaction completed but now I have no gold or item!” fans freaking out.

Hopefully this is just a hiccup in the system and the gold spent and items bought will match up after someone gives the hamster cage a kick, over way. But you might not want to use the GAH for a while, until we get word from Bliz that things are back to normal.

While we’re on the subject, here’s a quick weekend vote on your Diablo III Auction House experience to date. Are you guys using it? Liking it? Loving it? Avoiding it as a plague that ruins the game experience by injecting too-cheap and too-powerful items and breaking the designed difficulty progression?

Have you used the Gold Auction House so far?

  • 1) Yes, I'm constantly buying and selling. (53%, 2,449 Votes)
  • 2) Yes, but just a little bit. (30%, 1,357 Votes)
  • 4) No and I wish there was no GAH or RMAH in D3. (10%, 457 Votes)
  • 3) Not yet, but I plan to. (7%, 322 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,584

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Update: Some useful infos in the comments. Several people point out that an hour or few downtime on the AH isn’t uncommon, and that it just hits bubbles of slow now and then and things eventually catch up. JamesL points to a quoted Bliz tech support comment on AH delivery times.

Transactions in the Diablo III Auction House may occasionally take some time to process before the money and item are delivered to the appropriate parties.

Items can take up to 48 hours for delivery. Proceeds from auctions may take up to 5 days for delivery in certain circumstances. If you have not received your item or money after five days have passed, please reply to this ticket for assistance. If you wish to speak with a representative via phone, our contact information can be found here.

And chriscowart says that sometimes you can speed up the refresh by executing another transaction. He suggests posting something at an absurdly high price, then cancelling the auction so as to refresh your completed auctions tab.

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46 thoughts on “Auction House Currently Broken

  1. I find anything but weapons tend to be overpriced, so I’ve only bought weapons from the AH so far and made some good deals on that. But when I find good stuff I don’t need myself I always put it on the AH.

    • Rings seem to be very very expensive for some reason, whereas amulets not so much. I guess because everyone needs 2 rings but only 1 amulet? Other item types seem about average, although Wizard off-hands seems to be particularly cheap compared to the average weapon prices.

      Also here’s a trick for anyone level 45+: search for items with “reduced level requirement”. These items tend to be less favoured by people who are the correct level, and don’t otherwise show up in your search result (eg level 60 item with -5 levels will not show up if you search for level 55 items), resulting in them being under-priced for their specs. I’ve gotten some very nice wands off there. I even saw a wand with a massive -12 levels, taking it to 48, with 720 DPS! Asking price on that was 1.2 million, and I think definitely worth it for twinking. 

      • Ooh thanks for the hint. I guess we should look at ones with out that mod then the ones with it.

  2. Something similar happened a few days ago, every auction eventually went through, it just took a few hours. I think at the time Bashiok tweeted something about metering auctions to provide stability while they were fixing some stuff.  Considering the Auction House has constantly been under work since launch, this doesn’t seem to be a big deal to me.  Everyone’s items will be given to them.  It’s just a temporary annoyance.

    But man, I can sure see why they keep delaying the RMAH.  When real money is involved and this stuff happens, people are going to be flying off the wall. 

  3. AH is only way to progress in this game – everything prepared for RMAH, you want progress further – pay.

    • Downvote for trollishness.
      The AH is the only way to improve your gear without playing and getting the drops yourself. People are “depending” on the AH now because they want to take shortcuts and get as far as they can as quick as they can. You can get there on your own, or by playing co-op games with your friends and trading items with them (where I’ve gotten all but 1 of my items, and I’m in act2 inferno).

        I supose you really dont get it. If you are melee you cant progress to Act II (inferno) becouse there is no gear in ACT I for it. You need gear from ACT III/IV to stand a chance. Gear from ACT I it’s just “joke” it’s 95% hell quality – i really understand reason – it’s artifical way to increase longevity of game – ok i get it – still it’s just wrong design especially when ranged classes just farm stuff in ACT III/IV.

        • Or maybe you just need to be more patient? The game’s been out a couple weeks, and you expect to be able to steamroll through the difficulty the developers said was going to be impossible for a large portion of those playing the game?
          Or maybe you could farm for drops and slowly build up your gear with each new awesome piece you find. You know, the way they intended you to.

    • I ended up buying 3 rings off it because my first one didn’t show up. Even so I got them all at cheap prices and will be able to replace my 2 current rings and then re-list the spare.

  4. Have you used the gold auction house so far?
    Yes, and I wish there was no GAH or RMAH in D3.

    • I’m on the opposite side of the fence on this. I LOVE the auction house, and not so much for progressing in my game, but moreso because I love to trade. So far, I’ve made millions and executed over 2000 trades. It’s a game in a game!
      Then again, I may be a bit biased… I ran vendors in Ultima Online, and trade stock in real life.
      Regardless, there are plenty of folks that really enjoy it. If you want to progress on your own without auction housing, it will take a lot longer, but the victories and spoils will be much, much sweeter.

    • Flux tends to write poll answers that deal with more than one issue at a time. Is it an opinion poll about the AH, or is it a statistics poll about AH usage? Pick one and stick with it.

  5. The big problem is that the last 3 nights or so commodities trading has been off-line…
    By the way, when I got on tonight the auction house was off-line completely… so maybe related to missing auctions???

  6. No wonder they keep delaying the real money auction house. The AH is down once a day now.

    The auction house made my progression from levels 30ish – 60 much easier.  It was disappointing to have nothing but blue items drop from every boss fight in NM and hell.  Once I hit level 60 though, the neph valor buff changes everything and I finally get rares from bosses again.

    • Yeah there’s a really sucky dead zone between your first normal completion and getting to 60. 🙁

  7. I would love to see the stats on the amount of gold blizzard has so far taken out of the game through the GAH.

  8. I wish the AH was actually user friendly. It’s not. It’s like they developed it during lunch breaks.

  9. Well, since NOTHING in the game fetches a decent price (armour and wands could be sold for tens of thousands in D2), the AH is the easiest way to pay for NPC upgrades.

    I’ve sold about 300K, and bought less than 100K of items that I was having trouble upgrading. 


    [quote]Thank you for taking the time to contact Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support.
    Transactions in the Diablo III Auction House may occasionally take some time to process before the money and item are delivered to the appropriate parties.
    Items can take up to 48 hours for delivery. Proceeds from auctions may take up to 5 days for delivery in certain circumstances. If you have not received your item or money after five days have passed, please reply to this ticket for assistance.[/quote]

    48 hours for something to go through the AH
    what a joke  

    I bought an amulet for 79 000
    it took my money, but game me no amulet
    waited 3 hours, still no amulet

    then they take the AH offline 😆

    so I got no money, no amulet

    I’ll keep playing anyway, but by the time the AH gets fixed and I get my amulet I won’t need it anymore 😆

    thank god for that awesome beta and all that great internal testing that caught all these problems before the game went live 🙄  

    • Yep. Beta should have included up to the drowned temple, to give people more of an incentive to play. And then had a 2-3 month open beta phase so they got some sensible levels of load.

    • I haven’t lost a single item or single piece of gold to the system in 2,000+ trades except for the occasional screwing on cheap commodities, i.e. find a flawless square ruby for 1k, hit buyout real quick, then on completed tab, you’ll get the next commodity’s price, for instance 12k.
      Here’s a tip:
      Sometimes it seems if you’ve completed a transaction or one of your listings expires and nothing ever shows up in your completed tab, you may have to execute another transaction for it to update. If this still occurs when they enable the auction house again, the fastest way to do this is to list an item at a very high price so no one will buy it (though that’d be great if they did!) then cancel it to refresh your completed tab.

    • “Items can take up to 48 hours for delivery. Proceeds from auctions may take up to 5 days for deliver”
      Lol… That’s just sad. Is there an option to do Priority Mail to our house? I’ll probably be faster that way! lol

  11. I couldn’t proceed on hell with only the dropped items, so since hell act1, I only get my gear from there. I think there’s only one item I can use that was dropped from a mob. Which is sad.

    • Yep. This. But, it is very nice to actually have ANY worth on low-level items these days. You know, stuff people actually find, instead of passing around the same duped items until everyone had the same gear.

  12. AH has been a complete disaster. By far, it is the worse feature in the game. They shouldn’t even think about launching the RMAH with how bad the gold AH is.

    Most times I try to use the AH, it’s either turned off or won’t let me buyout or post any sales. Usually it either times out my request or gives me a random error. When trying to buy an item, this often leads to my money being taken and then returned (not bidding, using buyout).

    The filtering system is awful and you can’t even order the results by time remaining. If your search returns more than 90 pages of results, you won’t be able to see all the items; for instance, searching for 59-60 rare boots might return so many results that if you view buyout price descending you can see everything for 100k and above, but when you view buyout price ascending you only see those items prices at 80k and below. The 81-99k range of sales simply doesn’t not show unless you restrict the results further or order it by another column.

    It’s slow, super slow, and the 10 item limit is both too small and too large. The fact that there is only 1 AH for the entire Americas realm results in far too many results. This is good if you are selective (such as a level 60 looking for a 1000+ dps weapon only) but terrible if you want to look at all the reasonably priced armors for a fresh level 60. 10 items for the ~2 million players playing on this realm makes it hard to find items you want. The search filters are so poorly done that it’s nearly impossible to do a single search that will show you all the items you would consider without giving you tens of pages, and you have to mouseover every single item to see if it’s good. Sure you can order weapons by damage, but you can’t order caster offhands by damage? You search for a helm with strength and vit > 50, but then you still have to look at each item and see the rest of the stats.

    Then of course, 10 items is too few. I can find 10 items worth selling in less than a day, and reasonably priced items don’t always sell fast. There are too many items on the auction house, and the AH has so many problems, that perhaps our sales are often expiring for reasons other than the item being undesirable and/or overpriced. This means we have to start vendoring (or muling) good items because of the limit on sales. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, because right now there are too many items on the AH, but it completely stymies any desire to craft. If I try to make some nice level 59 rare boots, I’m going to have probably 60% garbage, 20% meh, 15% decent, and 5% good items to sell. On top of the items I find, I need to sell all of these items I don’t plan on using, and unless I have every class at level 60 with terrible gear, the chances that I’m going to want to use myself all the good items I create is extremely small. I’m going to want to sell the items I don’t want to use, but with only 10 sales at a time, crafting will simply mean using tons of stash space as a queue for the auction house (which I am).

    The AH sucks, but crafting also sucks. It’s so much better to just find good items and buy what you need off the auction house. Hopefully gold inflation leads to crafting eventually being a good deal, but I don’t see that happening. The cost of crafting is too static because the matts are incredibly cheap compared to the gold cost. I wish they would eliminate or strongly reduce the crafting gold cost and instead increase the auction house cut amount to function as a gold sink. Salvaging items gives you less value than vendoring them (and far less than auctioning them if decent), then you pay gold to craft, then you salvage the bad stuff you make, etc. You can make money crafting, but the only smart way to do that in the current market is to buy the underpriced matts from people who were foolish enough to salvage items (like me). Salvaging items yourself is throwing away money, and crafting items for youself is far less lucrative them simply buying them. Only crafting items to sell is worthwhile, and with the 10 item limit it’s not very lucrative.

    • ” The search filters are so poorly done that it’s nearly impossible to do a single search that will show you all the items you would consider without giving you tens of pages”
      The search filters could be better, but this really isn’t true. If you’re getting 10 pages of results for a particular filter, then that means there are 10 pages of result that meet your filter. If you want to be more specific, then make your filter more specific. It’s hardly rocket surgery.

      “you can’t order caster offhands by damage?”
      Yes, this is sorely lacking, especially since the damage on these items varies so greatly (I think the top-end item has a max damage range of more than 200).

      “You search for a helm with strength and vit > 50, but then you still have to look at each item and see the rest of the stats.”
      Well what were you expecting? It would be nice if you could have up to 6 filters, as occasionally I’ve found myself wanting to filter on 4 or even 5 stats, but most of the time 3 is pretty good – since 90% of stuff is out of my price range anyway I just ignore it. 

      • I find filtering out items by entering a “max buyout” price helps a LOT.  I can then look at all the items for sale that don’t make me cry (cmon, I haven’t even gotten the 2 million gold found achieve yet, how am I supposed to afford a level 50 rare for 4.5 million?), and go from there.
        This seriously needs more than 3 filters as well, and lastly…
        SHH on the salvage mats thing!  I’ve been making a lot of money vendoring my blues and buying the mats off the AH for at vendor price (14g per Normal dust)

  13. @ vileguy: after reading the messages of  Blizzard warning about orchestred fake forum posters …I really think you promote these illegal gold sites and it is clear you promote them.

    I have had up to 120 transactions and never had a hic up. Also the search function of the AH is great and better than in Wow.

    The AH adds a tremendous extra game play value to the D3 dungeon crawling mechanics. 
    You simply suck. 

    • “I have had up to 120 transactions and never had a hic up. ”
      ha ha ha ha 
      now I know you’re lying
      the official forums are littered with people having problems with the AH  
      I waited 3 hours to get an amulet I paid for, then they took the AH offline for 3 hours, it finally came back online this morning and I finally got my amulet, but no, no hic ups there
      “Also the search function of the AH is great and better than in Wow.”
      then the search functions in WoW must REALLY suck, because they suck pretty much in D3 
      can you search for rings on +Damage ? Please, tell me how 

      • Perhaps the US VERSION has troubles but I didn’t see any in EU.  A few days ago the AH servers were off line for 3 hours, but all my auctions went smoothly.

        I remember my chest was full one day, so The goods couldn’t be delivered because I had no empty space.

        People complain all the time about very trivial things really, it is as if their life depends on it.


    • Yes I’m talking about the US realm, which I’m sure has the biggest population of users of any realm.

      How the hell am I  promoting illegal RMT sites? I want to use the AH and want it to not suck, but sadly it sucks. The poor search and filter system would be acceptable if I was able to buy and sell what I wanted. For the last 24 hours I’ve only had a few errors and have been able to post sales and buy for the most part, but the first week from launch until today it was dreadful. I’ve literally spent 10 minutes trying to sell ANY of the 10+ items, or spent 10 minutes trying to buy crafting materials, only to have a sequence of timeouts and 5 different errors, 1 of which being a lockout error because apparently trying to use the AH is spamming it.

      The AH honestly doesn’t add a lot to the game. It’s not gameplay for one, and it’s simply filling a need for trading in a way that’s better than D2’s but not much better than WoW’s. It works and it’s good to have, but they could easily implement something so much better. 

  14. I expect that eventually some Diablo 3 fans will get tired of AH making life too easy.  I hope to start a new group in which we buy nothing from AH, take no hand-me-downs from higher level characters, and just find our own gear.  I think this has the potential to be a lot more fun – and yes, I realize it will take a lot more time!

    • didnt buy anything from the AH still i am on inferno act 3 now. i traded though and thats what i like about diablo …. trading

  15. Biggest complaints about the AH, besides it always seeming like it’s down.   Suggestions don’t show comparison with current gear.  Also, the comparison tooltip doesn’t show stat change.  I shouldn’t have to do math to figure out if a 115 dps weapon with +50 str is better than 125 dps weapon with 25 str and 1% crit.

  16. The blue post is bologna.  I purchased.  The Auction House Error Coded with a 32000 something number, took my Gold, and didn’t give me my item.  My gold is not going to be magically refunded nor will the items I purchased magically show up within 48 hours.  The system is bugged.  Users beware.

  17. Maybe, just maybe with everyone’s complaints and suggestions the auction house will get a bit of an overhaul.
    I for one love it. 🙂

  18. My biggest issue with the auction house is that it takes a lot of the reward out of finding items, and instead encourages you to just farm for gold.
    The auction house is super convenient (when it works) but I’m starting to dislike this whole gold based economy.

  19. I don’t want to add redundant gripes to the pretty thorough accounting but my number one complaint is:  Why can you not sort by “Time Left”?
    I mean seriously, what’s the rationale for that?

    Also: this happened to me a couple of times and I thought it was funny:

  20. @ techwolf
    Dude, making these comparisons is the essence of character building..what the hell do you expect, a Excel chart ready for you to fill in the numbers? Srlsy

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