Several fans have reported that the Gold Auction House is broken this evening. On the Battle.net forums there’s a seven page thread full of, “I bought and it said transaction completed but now I have no gold or item!” fans freaking out.

    Hopefully this is just a hiccup in the system and the gold spent and items bought will match up after someone gives the hamster cage a kick, over B.net way. But you might not want to use the GAH for a while, until we get word from Bliz that things are back to normal.

    While we’re on the subject, here’s a quick weekend vote on your Diablo III Auction House experience to date. Are you guys using it? Liking it? Loving it? Avoiding it as a plague that ruins the game experience by injecting too-cheap and too-powerful items and breaking the designed difficulty progression?

    Have you used the Gold Auction House so far?

    • 1) Yes, I'm constantly buying and selling. (53%, 2,449 Votes)
    • 2) Yes, but just a little bit. (30%, 1,357 Votes)
    • 4) No and I wish there was no GAH or RMAH in D3. (10%, 457 Votes)
    • 3) Not yet, but I plan to. (7%, 322 Votes)

    Total Voters: 4,584

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    Update: Some useful infos in the comments. Several people point out that an hour or few downtime on the AH isn’t uncommon, and that it just hits bubbles of slow now and then and things eventually catch up. JamesL points to a quoted Bliz tech support comment on AH delivery times.

    Transactions in the Diablo III Auction House may occasionally take some time to process before the money and item are delivered to the appropriate parties.

    Items can take up to 48 hours for delivery. Proceeds from auctions may take up to 5 days for delivery in certain circumstances. If you have not received your item or money after five days have passed, please reply to this ticket for assistance. If you wish to speak with a representative via phone, our contact information can be found here.

    And chriscowart says that sometimes you can speed up the refresh by executing another transaction. He suggests posting something at an absurdly high price, then cancelling the auction so as to refresh your completed auctions tab.

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