In a second update is as many hours Blizzard reveal how they are going to address the issues with the DiabloWikiAuction House in patch 1.0.4.

    Over the last few days, we’ve seen a lot of requests from players for us to make improvements to the auction house. We’ve also seen questions regarding what, if any, changes are being made to the AH in 1.0.4. While we’ve already talked about many of the updates we have planned, we know some players may have missed those discussions. So, rather than make you wait for the patch notes, we’ve put together a list of everything that’s changing in 1.0.4 for you below.

    Take a look:

    General Improvements

    • Players can now cancel their auctions at any point so long they do not have any active bids on them (it will still take five minutes for a listed auction to become searchable, however).
    • We’ve increased the maximum stack size of gold per listing from 100,000 to 1,000,000. The current minimum listing price will remain the same per stack.
    • We’ve added description text to several error messages. We’ve also improved several existing descriptions so that they more clearly describe why you’ve encountered an error.

    Search Improvements

    • We’re upping the allowed number of “Preferred Stats” per search from 3 to 6.
    • We’re upping the number of digits you can enter in the “Min Value” field for equipment searches from 3 to 5 (i.e. you can now search for values > 999).
    • We’ve replaced “Minimum Damage” with “Average Damage” as a searchable stat, which can be calculated as follows: (Min Damage + Max Damage) / 2. So, for example, searching for an Average Damage of 12 will find an item with 10-14 damage, 12 Minimum damage, or 24 Maximum damage.
    • Stat increases which come from slotted gems will no longer be factored in when searching for equipment. Instead, your search criteria will only take into account the base stat values for an item.
    • Armor, DPS, Buyout, and Time Left columns are now sortable columns in the Search tab.

    UI Improvements

    • The Auctions tab and Completed tab will now refresh whenever one of your items has been purchased.
    • Whenever an auction expires or is cancelled, the listing price of that item will now display in the Completed tab.
    • Tooltips have been added for items in the Completed tab (which means you’ll be able to see the stats of the items you’ve purchased or sold, as well as items which failed to sell or were cancelled).
    • Tooltips have been added for commodities.
    • Item Compare tooltips have been added to the Recommended Items page.

    In addition to these improvements, we’re also fixing several bugs with the auction house UI and functionality (many of which you reported on these forums).

    Bug Fixes

    • Auction house filters are no longer case-sensitive.
    • Players can now search for stats on Legendary items! Yay!
    • The Recommended Items page will now display quivers for demon hunters even if you have a two-handed ranged weapon equipped.
    • DiabloWikiWitch doctor‘s DiabloWikiCorpse Spider (db) bonus is now listed when searching for mojos.
    • And, last but not least, we’ve fixed several issues with affixes not displaying correctly or being unavailable for equipment searches:
      • “Attack Speed” is now a searchable affix for quivers
      • Items with the “Level Requirement Reduced” affix will now properly appear in search results when specifying the level range
      • Searches will now properly filter results according to the set Minimum and Maximum values for”Life per Spirit Spent”

    And there you have it! Please note that this isn’t a preview, and that the above list represents every change we are making to the auction house in 1.0.4. While the list is exhaustive for this patch, it’s definitely not the end of the road — we still have additional improvements planned for 1.1.0 and for the long-term. We don’t have a lot of juicy details to share right now on that front, but we’ll be sure to provide more information as development continues

    If you’ve missed all the updates (and there have been plenty) on what’s happening in Patch 1.0.4 check them out. There is a lot to digest.

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