A bot maker from Germany who has spent a considerable amount of time on creating a bot which automated much of the DiabloWikiAuction House process has been served with legal papers demanding he cease and desist from doing so. The bot seems very polished with fairly advanced capabilities, it must have taken 100’s of hours to get to the stage its at but all that counts for nada when you violate the EULA. An excerpt I’ve translated from the legal papers reads:

    II. The defendant for each violation against the prespecified omission liability is the imposition of a fine, and for the case that this can not be recovered, an order of detention or imprisonment up to six months (ok money in individual cases, more than two hundred fifty thousand euro, order custody maximum total 2 years) threatened.

    III. The defendant must pay the costs of the litigation.

    IV. The dispute will be set at €50,000.00.

    I don’t know what the botting situation is like in Diablo 3, if there are lots under development, in public testing, abandoned because of similar reactions from Blizzard. Perhaps there have been quite a few but they aren’t quite as open with the documentation from the courts. This case certainly doesn’t mince its words and his quite definite that the punishment will be very harsh. The developer of this particular bot has now abandoned the project

    Thanks to tipster Muriel for the headsup.

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