Auction House Bot Maker Served

A bot maker from Germany who has spent a considerable amount of time on creating a bot which automated much of the DiabloWikiAuction House process has been served with legal papers demanding he cease and desist from doing so. The bot seems very polished with fairly advanced capabilities, it must have taken 100’s of hours to get to the stage its at but all that counts for nada when you violate the EULA. An excerpt I’ve translated from the legal papers reads:

II. The defendant for each violation against the prespecified omission liability is the imposition of a fine, and for the case that this can not be recovered, an order of detention or imprisonment up to six months (ok money in individual cases, more than two hundred fifty thousand euro, order custody maximum total 2 years) threatened.

III. The defendant must pay the costs of the litigation.

IV. The dispute will be set at €50,000.00.

I don’t know what the botting situation is like in Diablo 3, if there are lots under development, in public testing, abandoned because of similar reactions from Blizzard. Perhaps there have been quite a few but they aren’t quite as open with the documentation from the courts. This case certainly doesn’t mince its words and his quite definite that the punishment will be very harsh. The developer of this particular bot has now abandoned the project

Thanks to tipster Muriel for the headsup.

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19 thoughts on “Auction House Bot Maker Served

  1. Pretty sure this means he has been “served” and must “cease” to allow people to purchase the bot until they contest it. Another BIG bot producer has injunctions that were served on its Wow Bot and its Diablo 3 Bot. Both bots after filing papers (typically a week) were allowed to run as normal until thier court proceedings (one is set for November I think for the WoW Bot). So as this is probably a good thing they are trying to get the bots to stop, it will probably just delay it a week, then be up and running again as usual until 6-12 months later when the court case happens.

  2. As in Germany the EULA is only part of the contract if agreed to before the purchase itself, this will be a rather interesting case. Only if the bot is changing the code of the game, it’s against german laws. So potentially Blizz is throwing bucks out of the window if the programmer makes his stand.

    • Yeah, Blizzard might actually find this quite difficult to enforce, so I’m intrigued as to how it’ll turn out, too. Going by the other responses here, though, it seems like not a lot of people are aware of the intricacies of eula legality.

      • I think it’s like that in most countries… But i am fairly sure it is your headache that you didn’t bother to read what you agreed to pre-purchace…

        Since it is stated outside on the box that you have to agree to that EULA, at least here it is, then I doubt very much that that would be an argument that would fly anywhere, even in Germany…

  3. Thousands of hours of work pissed down the drain for nothing. He must have known a C&D letter would be issued. Why bother in the first place?

    • What are they going to charge him with, creating software that might be compatible with their software? Look at googles dalvik compared to Java, its pretty much the same syntax and runs in a Java IDE, you dont see them losing any court cases.

  4. that botmaker is stupid as hell. if I was him, I’d have a huge flash screen saying “ACTIBLIZZARD ONLINE SECURITY SUX N U NO IT – I just focked it in the bum”

    • In the history of D3, there has been ONE glitch in so called duped material (that was the end of May and only on Asian servers and it took just a few hours to correct it and roll back).

      So far your failed post.

      Compared to D2, D3 has been a heaven of security… tx to on line only play and server controlled stats and unique item ID’s.

      TLDR: You can’t fool SQL tables.

      • Whut?
        Check Asia-Realm AH! Prices for best Gems are at 80.000 Gold. They are duped like hell. Or search for manticore with 2 Sockets ans CritDmg in the AH. You will find many with exaxt same stats.
        Duping is here and was in for all the time, the Gems were sold under their value.

  5. Why is it so hard to just have a simple video game, and a convenient place to get gear if you want it.

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