ATVI Conference Call Results + Booth Babes

A few articles wrapping up Wednesday’s Activision/Blizzard conference call (see our live blog here) and financial reports have popped up online.

  • Our main site/gaming hub IncGamers posted a full transcript of the Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime’s remarks. They ran for about ten minutes and featured much financial news and talk of WoW and SC2 plans, but nothing about Diablo 3.
  • A blog post on The Motley Fool financial site runs down the financial implications of the news and makes some rough estimates of future game sales and profits.
  • ArsTechnica commented on the game info, mostly in terms of the Activision titles, including Call of Duty subscription plans, the “playing fake musical instruments” game fad dying down, and Activision not giving up on that Tony Hawk motion sensor skateboard game that everyone hated.
  • As a result of the moderately-good news on the call, ATVI enjoyed the largest percentage gain of any 4 or 5-star rated stock yesterday, jumping 9.61%. Bet you wish you’d bought some on Wednesday now, don’t you?

And finally, to appeal to the other extreme of our readers’ interests, LA Weekly’s photo gallery of cosplay girls from last year’s WoW suddenly popped back up on the Diablo 3 Google News today. Because, why not? None of them were in Diablo 3 costumes, but perhaps next year? Or the year after…

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1 thought on “ATVI Conference Call Results + Booth Babes

  1. There is a ‘devil worshipper’ in Diablo 1 – The Archbishop Lazarus. E.g. “Glory and Approbation to Diablo – Lord of Terror and Leader of the Three.”

    One could argue many individual cases in Diablo 2, although there isn’t strictly an unholy order in place: Blood Raven, The Countess, The Summoner, The High Council, and Nihlathak.

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